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YUMI is a free tool to create a multiboot USB flash-drive (ISO to USB). With this software you can create a bootable USB drive for operating-systems or maintenance and diagnostic tools. You can install windows from USB or boot a Linux distribution live from the pendrive.

The good
Boot multiple operating systems and rescue tools.
Friendly user-interface and easy to use.
The bad
Installing images could be slow.
Does not support some old operating systems like Windows 2000.
Does not verify after installation is complete.
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Ibrahim Abdul-Hakim
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What is YUMI

YUMI is an abbreviation for (Your Universal Multiboot Installer) is a successor to MultibootISOs. It is a free tool that allows you to boot operating-systems from a flash drive using the SYSLINUX Project which is a lightweight bootloader for MS-DOS FAT filesystems. YMUI was initially created to boot live Linux distros , but was extended to boot Windows operating-systems , antivirus utilities , disc cloning , diagnostic tools , and more.

Why use YUMI

YUMI is used mainly for three purposes:

  1. Install an operating-system (Linux or Windows) from a USB drive.
  2. Boot a live Linux distro.
  3. Repair an existing OS using bootable tools.

How to get operating-systems ISO files

ISO files can be obtained either from their official websites such as Ubuntu and Fedora . It is also possible to get the download links through YUMI by checking the "Download Link" checkbox, which will open the official websites link to the desired distro, but as we tried this feature some links were invalid, so, better if you search for the download links manually.

How to make a bootable USB pen-drive

It is easy to make a bootable USB drive, just make sure you have the following:

  • USB drive that is Fat16/Fat32/NTFS formatted with at least 4GB of free space.
  • The operating-system ISO (just see "How to get operating-systems ISO files" above).

Then follow these simple steps:

  • Install YUMI (click the download button above).
  • Choose your USB pen-drive letter.
  • Choose the OS or tool you wish to make bootable from the list.
  • Click "Browse" then select the desired ISO.
  • Set a persistent file size that will be used to store files used or changed in a live boot (optional step).
  • Click "Create" and wait for the process to complete.

Now that you have your bootable usb ready, you can boot from it, but first you have to give the USB device boot sequence priority over the hard drive.


YUMI is a small size, easy to use and very useful tool with friendly user-interface. You can make more than one OS or tool in a single USB drive since YUMI is a multiboot solution. So, if you are looking to boot an OS, some rescue tool or even install Windows from a USB drive then we highly recommend YUMI for you.

Download the latest version of YUMI right here in Downzen , just click the download button above for a direct and fast download link.

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