CapCut - Video Editor

CapCut - Video Editor

Professionally edit videos on Android

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CapCut is a powerful video editing app that allows you to easily create and manage your projects. With various professional tools, you can add and edit videos, use music in the background, and apply beautiful motion and transitions to achieve stunning results.

The good
Smooth and professional video transitions.
The final video does not contain any watermarks.
Ability to save projects for future edits.
The bad
The project has limited options when it comes to exporting it as a video.
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Mohammed Samir
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Editing Using Phones

Smartphones have become capable of performing many tasks traditionally done on computers, including professional video editing. This app allows seamless merging of videos, adding texts, and logos with great ease and flexibility.

It's ideal for vloggers, documenting daily events, and more. The app is user-friendly, making it accessible to anyone, even without extensive editing experience.

Creating and Managing New Projects

The app supports creating multiple editing projects and keeping them organized. On the main interface, you can initiate a new project and add media content for editing. The previous editing projects are permanently stored on the interface, allowing you to modify any project at any time. You can rename projects for easy identification, with the last modification date and video duration displayed.

Selecting and Arranging Media in Project

When starting a new project, your phone's photo and video albums will be displayed. You can select suitable media to include in the project. You can preview videos and content before selecting and adding them. The selected videos will be displayed in the app's timeline in order. You can rearrange videos and images in the timeline by pressing and dragging them left or right with ease.

Working with Videos and Editing

Each video in the project can be edited separately. By clicking on a video, you'll access a set of tools for editing. You can trim videos into parts, adjust the speed, control audio, add entry and exit animations, adjust colors, manage transparency, zoom in on videos, or freeze parts of videos for a few seconds. Combining these tools can lead to impressive results.

Adding Images, Texts, and Transitions

Texts are important elements that can be added to the project, whether for translation or providing context in videos. You can format texts, change colors, add borders, shadows, and more.

Additionally, you can add stickers and images to videos, adjusting their positions and sizes. You can also move them while the video is playing. Adding professional transitions between videos enhances the visual appeal.

Exporting Project and Saving as Video

After completing video editing, adding texts, images, transitions, and more, you can export the final work and save it on your phone as a video. Before exporting, choose the appropriate video quality, either high-quality at 1080p or medium quality at 720p.

The default video quality format is determined by your phone's settings. The app doesn't add any watermarks, which is a very positive aspect.

CapCut App Features

  • An excellent app for professional video editing on smartphones.
  • Create and store multiple editing projects for later modification.
  • Display and organize media content neatly and sort them as photos or videos.
  • Edit videos with various professional tools.
  • Add and format texts in different styles and colors.
  • Add images and logos to videos with easy positioning.
  • Include professional transitions between videos.
  • Export and save final projects with very high quality.

Download CapCut 11.8.0, the professional video editing Android app, for free from Downzen by clicking the download button.

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