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Clubhouse: Drop-in audio chat is an app to chat in audio rooms and exchange discussions with others in an enjoyable way, browse the list of existing rooms and join any of them, ask to participate in conversations from room admins, or create a private room and invite others.

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Scheduling discussions in rooms with reminders.
Easy to browse and join audio rooms.
Create audio rooms in many different styles.
The bad
Registration is only possible by invitations.
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Chat and discussions in audio rooms

Chat is one of the important things in online communication, and voice chat is only one of the basic communication methods. As it brings people closer and lets people share their thoughts. Recently, Clubhousewent viral that is due to the wonderful voice communication environment it provides. As it relies on discussions on important topics that occur around the world and you will find many influential people in various areas of life.

Registering in the free clubhouse

The app is made available for the Android system after a while of its operation on iPhone devices. Currently, more Android users are accepted, but through the invitation system, where you will need one of the registered users to accept your invitation to join. All you have to do is register using your phone number and enter the activation code in the app, and then wait for a user to invite you to join or request it from him/her personally.

Setting your account and choosing your interests

Setting your account is the first step after getting the invitation, choose a suitable profile photo, your full name, and your account name that can be shared with others. Then choose your interests in different fields such as technology, health, entertainment, etc. Finally, several unique accounts are displayed for you to see so that audio rooms in the frequently visited accounts can be seen.

Viewing and joining audio rooms

The audio rooms will differ according to the time you open the app, there are many rooms with different languages. The number of participants and the number of people speaking in the room and exchanging audio discussion is shown next to the name of the room. Once you choose the room, you will enter directly to listen to the voice chat. The room manager gives the microphone to the members in turn to manage the dialogue and discussion, and speakers are separated from the rest of the members for easy identification.

Viewing scheduled discussions

In addition to the rooms in which audio discussions are taking place at present time, some rooms schedule meetings during a specific time in the coming hours, and the list of rooms that will start their discussions at the specified time can be viewed. The room link can be copied and shared to invite others to join at the time of the audio discussion. You can also add the event to the phone's calendar or follow the event to be reminded of it later.

Sharing and interacting in audio rooms 

While you are in the voice chat room, you can interact with several options, you can add one of the friends who are currently online to the room to see the discussion, or you can press the hand icon to tell the room manager that you want to participate in the voice discussion. It will allow you to speak at the appropriate time according to the discussion schedule, you can share the room link with others and invite more people to join it, or leave the room quietly and close the voice chat.

Creating an audio chat room and inviting friends

Anyone can create a new voice chat room, there are several types of rooms that can be created, such as the open room that anyone can join, or the social networking room for people you follow only, and you can create a closed room and manually choose people to join it. As a room manager, you can enable or disable the hand icon to speak, as well as select the speaking participants.

Clubhouse: Drop-in audio chat features

  • Exchange voice discussions with others in a safe and special environment.
  • Many audio rooms are constantly renewed in the interface.
  • A chat room can have hundreds of members participating.
  • Easily listen to discussions in chat rooms.
  • Interact in the room by participating in audio discussions as well.
  • See the scheduled discussions in the rooms and be reminded of their time.
  • Easily create a new voice chat room and invite friends.

Download the latest version of the voice chat app Clubhouse: Drop-in audio chat 23.04.13 and exchange important discussions and dialogues with others from Downzen by clicking the download button on the page.

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