Score! Match - PvP Soccer

Score! Match - PvP Soccer

Multiplayer online soccer game

First Touch Games Ltd.

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Score! Match - PvP Soccer is one of the best online interactive soccer games available on Android. Build your team, play against random players from all over the world, and achieve glory.

The good
Support for playing with random players and with Facebook friends.
Great gameplay and players control.
Play in different arenas and weekly events.
The bad
There is no training mode.
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Ammar Kurd
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Score! Match is one of the most competitive games we have ever reviewed here at, it allows for all the die-hard football fans to compete against each other on a PvP style interactively. The game connects two players randomly and the winner collects in-game cash that can be used to develop his/her team. The match is played the same way the classic football video games are played with the exception that the players are controlled via the touch screen. 

Game rules

The rules of the game are not the same as the real football rules, here the game lasts for a maximum of two minutes. If a player scores two goals he/she wins and the game ends even before the two minutes time period passes. If the time ends with a score of 1:0 the player with the one goal wins.  If there was a tie, the winner will be determined by three penalty shots. If it is still a tie, it is a penalty for each player until one of the players wins.

Arenas and events

Score! Match has two different playable modes:


In this mode, you level up in arenas based on your star rating, which is increased by winning games and decreased by losing. In each arena you compete against players with the same star rating and the points are calculated differently in each level. When the player has collected certain points, he advances to the next arena.

Weekly events

An event will be available every week for a period of time. If you play and win event mode, you will receive additional money and prizes so you can develop your team faster.


The movement of the players is very similar to classic football games like PES and Fifa. You don't control all of the player's movements, but you can control the movement of the active player. You can also control the viewing angle (the camera). The active player has two control modes:

  • Offense mode

    When you possess the ball you are in the offense mode, and in this mode, you can shot the ball between players by drawing the path of the ball on the screen, and advance toward the opponent's goal and try to shot at it.
  • Defense mode

    When you don't have the ball you are on the defense mode, and your goal is to regain the possession of the ball by tackling and applying pressure on the opponent's active player.

Formation and team development

Before any match you can select a formation for the team from a list of available formations, in addition to that, you can change players' positions and assign some rules to players such as plenty, free kicks, and corner shots.

You can develop your players' skills by collecting cards from winning matches.

Compete with friends

You can connect the game with your Facebook account and challenge your friends, the game will make a leader-board for you and your friends to make the game more exciting. You can also play a friendly game without point calculation by sending an invitation to your Facebook friends.

Score! Match - PvP Soccer features

  • Highly competitive game with players from all over the world.
  • Real-time PvP style games.
  • Good gameplay and players control.
  • Play in different arenas based on a star rating.
  • Weekly events.
  • Wide range of team formations.
  • Team development features.
  • Supports competition with friends on Facebook.
  • Win prizes and cash by winning matches.

Download Score! Match - PvP Soccer

Get the latest version of Score! Match - PvP Soccer 2.51 with a direct and fast download link via Downzen by clicking the download button on this page.

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