Facebook Lite

Facebook Lite

Light version of the famous Facebook application.


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Light version of the famous Facebook application.
Facebook Lite is one of the facebook applications published by facebook inc spatially for regions that have slow internet speed, for the purpose of reaching as much users as the can.

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Facebook Lite



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Twitter Lite

DescriptionYour social network on Google.Join Facebook, the best social network in the world (easy & fun communication) what else do you needLight version of the famous Facebook application.Share your photographic images with the world on Flickr.The best application for sharing photos on Android devices.To search for your dream job.Learn what employers needSocial network for finding work.To manage your personal Facebook pages from your mobile phone.Moper Social Network for chatting with friends via voice and video.When starting a discussion and sharing, it is necessary to use Reddit.The very lightweight version of the Twitter application.Tweet in the sky of the internet and read friends and celebrities tweets using Twitter.
The good
    • Share different types of posts.
    • Like button and various reactions.
    • Diverse communication methods.
    • Easily gain friends and connect with real people.
                • Managing multiple Facebook pages simultaneously.
                • Quickly interacting with comments and messages from followers.
                • Special and multifunctional tools for page management.
                        The bad
                          • Consume device resources.
                          • Privacy violation.
                          • Requires Messenger to chat.
                                      • You cannot create a new Facebook page from the app.
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                                              Users rating4.
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