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SimSimi application is spreading very fast due to its interesting respoanses to the users conversation which the application is learning from other users.

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Alaa Ibraheem
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    Many of the SimSimi application users believe for a moment that the application is a chatting app and that the person who is chatting with you and responding is another human being the reason users felt this way is because the application responses seems sane and balanced, the application is based on artificial intelligence algorithm designed to respond to the users text with the best answers available, the application has some amazing features like:

    • If the application responded with cruel or bad words the user can report the response as a (not very interesting, sexually explicit or violent).
    • In case the application couldn't respond to what you are writing you can always suggest a response helping the application responding better the next time facing the same word or sentence.
    • the application is free to use although the it has ads in the application, and the user has always the option to remove all ads choosing (no ads) and paying 2.51$.
    • The ability to delete the conversation at any time.
    • The ability to change the language and the application will recognize the new language immediately.
    • The user can always keep the conversation clean with switching the (Bad words) to "Off".
    • The users can "print screen" any part of the conversation and share it in the social networks with only a touch from within the application.

    SimSimi application is small in size and it is less than 6 Megabytes, due to the use of bad words the publisher (SimSimi Inc.) is warning users that kids under the age of 16 should not be using the application.

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