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The ZOOM Cloud Meetings app for conducting live video and audio meetings over the Internet with great capabilities, contact work or study colleagues at any time and from anywhere, and enjoy the high-quality service that the app provides for you for free.

The good
Meetings are password-protected.
Share photos, documents, and links during the meeting.
Schedule meetings for a specific date and time and set a reminder.
Supports communication between phones and computers.
The bad
The interface of the app is a bit complicated and not flexible.
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Ibrahim Mohammed
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Zoom free registration

The Zoom video calling service is free and offers high-quality video, and it is possible to communicate with 100 people and meet them via the Internet, whether they are using mobile phones or computers, but before you can use the service, you will have to register to it, by entering your email and user name to receive an activation message in your email, then enter your date of birth to complete the registration process.

Setting meeting and protection options

From the Meeting tab, you can find out your ID number in the ZOOM app, which is the number that others can type when they try to contact you, and before you start you can customize some options related to meetings, such as: activating or disabling joining meetings with a private password, activating the waiting room before agreeing to join, choosing the audio source you share, automatic recording of the meeting and more.

Creating and joining meetings

You can start a new meeting by pressing New Meeting and then wait for other people to join you by typing your ID number and meeting password if required. You can join a meeting created by someone else by typing their ID number, or choose the person from the contact history if you have previously called that person, with the ability to control the joining options such as stopping the video and others.

The Zoom service for online meetings works on computers as well. You can download Zoom Meetings program for PC and enjoy all the services it provides. The meeting can include users from computers and phones without any problems and allows you to conduct meetings from your different devices.

The procedures that can be done while in meetings 

After creating or joining a meeting, you can control several options related to the current meeting, where you can pause or play the video at any time during the meeting. Sharing photos, documents, links, or a live broadcast of the phone screen, and much more. People in the meeting can text and chat, and all people's presence can be previewed within the grid view.

Scheduling meetings and managing contacts

There is a nice feature in Zoom for scheduling online meetings, type in the name of the meeting, specifying the date and time of the start and end of the meeting, as well as set meeting options such as choosing the password to join, audio source, activating the waiting room, etc. You can also manage contacts by adding people who are registered in Zoom service and adding them by typing their emails.

ZOOM Cloud Meetings features

  • A superb app for conducting online meetings.
  • High-quality video with support for communication with up to 100 people.
  • Supports communication with people on phones and computers.
  • Password-protected meetings and the waiting room can be activated.
  • Create a new connection or join an existing connection.
  • Share photos, links, and documents between users.
  • Exchange texts while the meeting is in progress.
  • Share your phone screen live broadcast with everyone.
  • Schedule meetings by date and time and add them to the calendar.
  • Manage and add contacts in more than one way.

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