Swing VPN - Fast VPN Proxy

Swing VPN - Fast VPN Proxy

Protect your internet browsing and access all blocked websites

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Swing VPN - Fast VPN Proxy app provides complete protection while browsing the internet. Safeguard your activities from tracking and protect your data from theft. Access all blocked websites, games, and services in your region.

The good
A large number of free servers to choose from.
Control over which apps use the connection.
More diverse and useful tools.
The bad
Many errors encountered while running the app.
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Ibrahim Abdul-Hakim
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Complete Internet Protection

Privacy on the internet may not be available to everyone. There are many entities that track user activities and use them for various purposes, such as advertisements and more. Moreover, certain websites and games have restrictions. That's where VPN services come in to provide full protection while browsing the internet, bypassing all online restrictions.

How the App Works on Your Phone

The app makes internet browsing safer by connecting to one of its many service servers and encrypting the connection to hide your identity and shared data. It ensures complete user privacy in an easy way.

Free and Subscription-Free App

Swing VPN app is available for free to all users, with no initial subscription needed. It works instantly upon opening and can be used without time or usage restrictions. It supports all types of networks, including Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G, and 5G mobile data.

Connecting and Disconnecting with the Server

To enjoy all the protection features, you just need one click, and you'll be connected to a server that ensures your complete privacy. There are numerous servers available worldwide, offering fast speeds and a stable connection.

Manually Selecting Server Location

Swing VPN app includes a large number of servers, sorted into groups based on their use. There are servers dedicated to gaming, streaming TV, downloading, and more. Some servers can be favorited and displayed in a separate list.

Security and Privacy in the Connection

Swing VPN service provides strong protection when connected to the server. All data shared is encrypted using powerful algorithms, ensuring full user privacy and high-level data security.

Extra Tools in the App

The app comes with a range of wonderful and diverse tools that assist users with various functions, whether it's managing connections or obtaining information about the internet and more.

Let's now highlight the key tools of the Swing VPN app:

Private and Stealthy Browser

It's an integrated browser within the app that allows you to browse the internet with high privacy. No user-related information is saved, providing a secure environment to browse the internet and preventing anyone from tracking your activities.

App-specific VPN Control

Swing VPN app supports controlling which apps use the VPN. Instead of routing all apps through the VPN, you can exempt some to function normally without maximum protection.

Current Internet Speed Test

A simple tool that checks your current internet speed on your phone, whether you're connected via Wi-Fi or mobile data. It calculates download, upload, and response speed within seconds.

Key Features of Swing VPN - Fast VPN Proxy:

  • A fantastic app to safeguard internet browsing and enhance privacy.
  • Hide user identity and current location from others.
  • Easily access all blocked websites in your region.
  • A wide range of servers categorized based on their uses.
  • Quickly and reliably connect to servers with just one click.
  • A tool for high-speed testing of current internet connection.
  • Choose which apps can use the VPN service.
  • Built-in browser that provides complete internet protection.

You can easily download the internet browsing protection app and bypass internet restrictions, Swing VPN - Fast VPN Proxy [latest version], for free from the download section on the Downzen website.

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