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Fiverr is a website for freelancers to promote their services. It is centered around the idea of selling or buying a service that starts at 5 dollars (hence the name) but can go up to thousands of dollars.

The good
Post a service request for the sellers' community to get the best offer.
Well categorized.
Ranking system for sellers and buyers.
The bad
There are some negative services, that shouldn't be allowed on Fiverr.
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Ammar Kurd
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Fiverr services

The services offered on Fiverr are digital services that are categorized into sections which are: graphics & design, digital marketing, writing and translation, video & animation, music & audio, programming & tech, business, and fun & lifestyle. Every one of the main categories contains subcategories, this makes finding the service you need easier, and if you are a freelancer it makes it easier for people to find you.

Request a service

You can directly request a service from a seller by browsing the categories and seeing a suitable seller for your task or searching for a seller that offers that particular service from the search bar.

Another option is to post a request, in the request you will describe your needs, choose the category and subcategory, give a time limit and the minimum amount you are willing to pay for that service. Freelancers will respond to you with offers, that you can choose between them.

Become a seller

Fiverr is the perfect platform for you to enter the freelancing world. Do you have a talent? Then you can start harnessing that talent to make a living by joining the site as a seller and demonstrating your capabilities to potential clients.

Fiverr features

  • A great platform for freelancers and people looking for services.
  • Services start with 5 dollars but can go up depending on the service.
  • The website is well categorized, with main categories and subcategories.
  • Ranking system for sellers and buyers.
  • Filter offers based on price, time to deliver or rankings.
  • Request a service directly to a seller or post a request to select the best offer.
  • A perfect platform to start freelancing.

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