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Cheat Engine helps to cheat in PC games and modify values in the game memory which makes it easy to get a lot of in-game points and cash and it saves a lot of playing time and effort, all this and more can be easily achieved by Cheat Engine.

The good
Searches for the value more than once until it finds it.
Customize the search process for values to your liking.
Modify or lock values as they are in games.
The bad
The modifying steps are complicated for beginners.
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What is Cheat Engine and what does it offer?

Cheat Engine is a free, open-source tool for all users, designed to perform a lot of different functions, the most important of which is modifying values and numbers in operational game files and letting you cheat, such as increasing the balance of cash, points, shots, and so on. In addition, increases the difficulty level of the game by reducing the chances of lives, and other known things related to gaming on PC.

There are a lot of functions thatCheat Engine does on PC, besides modifying games, it can also debug regular games and computer programs, and also protects your system by checking and hiding modifications made through closed doors. In order to use the program with all its functions, you must have experience with software, so we will limit our explanation to the process of modifying the numbers and values of games.

Values in games and their modification via Cheat Engine

As it is known, any game contains a lot of numbers, whether they are numbers for the balance of coins, gems, health bar, or others, some of these numbers may take you a long time to collect, for example collecting coins and then buying different items. But with Cheat Engine, you will be able to increase your balance to very high numbers very easily, and you will save yourself a lot of effort and time in collecting coins.

How the program works in modifying game values

In general, Cheat Engine works as follows, when you run the game that you want to cheat in, Cheat Engine will monitor all the values and numbers in the game memory, and these values appear in an incomprehensible way in the program interface, and among these many values, you must choose the value you want to modify, which represents the coins, gems, or other in-game values, so that you can then adjust the value as you want.

The value to be modified is determined by writing the current number of the element and then searching for it, you will see a lot of similar values with the same number, and to pinpoint the number that you want to change, you must wait until the value that you want to modify changes in the game, write the changed number and search for it again, then the program will show the changed number.

Below we will explain the method in detail with its practical experience on one of the games.

Download and install Cheat Engine on PC

Cheat Engine is a small tool. You can download the latest version of the Cheat Engine from Downzen by visiting the download page. After that, you can install it on your computer as follows: 

  1. Open the file you downloaded and select I accept the agreement then click Next

  2. Choose the installation directory and click Next.

  3. Type the name of the folder that will appear in the Start menu or leave it as it is and click Next.

  4. Enable or disable Create a desktop shortcut and check for new versions of the program when it is running and click Next.

  5. Wait for the installation process to finish to show you the latest modifications to the latest version, click Nextto continue.

  6. Click Finishto end the installation process, with the ability to run the program or reset the settings.

Familiarize yourself with the interface and read the instructions for beginners

When you open the program for the first time, it will offer you the possibility to view the instructions for beginners. These instructions appear in English only and contain several steps. In each step, one of the many ways of using the Cheat Engine program is explained. These methods can seem quite complicated so you can skip the instructions if you are only interested in modifying games.

To simplify the interface of Cheat Engine, we can divide the interface into several sections in order to understand them more, and we will explain the function of each section in brief as follows:

  • Section of dealing with executive files:

    Here, you can open the game and program file that you want to modify, and you can also save the program's modification files or open a previous file.

  • Section of writing the value we are looking for and customizing the search process:

    To type in the value, we want to modify, select the type of search and the type of value that is in the game.

  • Section of displaying the search results for value:

    Here you will find all the search results for the values in the game according to the value you entered in the Writing Values section.

  • Section of editing old values and writing new values:

    The values you want to modify are added to this section, and then the new values are written to be modified in the game.

How to search for values in games and modify them using the Cheat Engine program 

There are several simple steps that must be understood and adhered to in order to be able to modify values in games successfully and very easily, and we will now explain how to modify values in games:

  • Step 1: Open a new executive file

    The game to be modified must be currently running and not closed. Click the Open Processes button to show you a list of games and applications that are currently running on the computer. Select the game file and click the Openbutton.
  • Step 2: Write the value and specify the search type

    In this step, we do several things, the first of which is to write the value that we want to modify in the game, then we specify the Scan Type to search for the actual value or a value greater or less than a specific number or a value between two specific numbers. We then specify the Value Type and there are many different types of values in it (most computer programs and games use 4 bytes).
  • Step 3: Start the first scan process

    After specifying the value and type of search, click the First Scan button to search for similar values. A large number of results will be displayed in the search results section that is similar to the same value, and the Next Scan will find the desired value among these values.
  • Step 4: Do the next scan

    Before doing the next scan, the value you typed in the second step must be changed in the game, just type the new value in Value and then click Next Scan, the search results will be narrowed down to show only one or two results.
  • Step 5: add the value to the edit section and modify it

    After finding the desired value, you can double-click on it to add it to the value adjustment section at the bottom, then double-click on the value and type the new value you want and it will be done directly in the game. You can also click on the square icon on the left to make the value fixed in the game and make it never change.

Let's cheat in a real game

After we learned how to cheat in games and modify values in general, we will now together try this method on a real computer game, the Cheat Engine program can be used to modify many games such as Euro Turk Simulator 2 or Counter-Strike, and others. Now we are going to try the game cheat process on Plants vs Zombies for PC, which you can download from Downzen for free from the following link: Download Plants vs Zombies.

  1. In the Cheat Engine program, open a new process from the button as shown below.

  2. Choose the Plants vs Zombies game file from the running processes list (the game must be running).

  3. In the game, we will adjust the value of the Sun balance, and in the picture, we see that the current value of the Sun balance is 50.

  4. We go back to the Cheat Engine program and type the current sun balance value of 50 in the Valuefield and click First Scan and hundreds of different results will appear.

  5. We go back to the game and continue to play until the balance of the sun changes, and in the picture, we see that its new value is 75.

  6. In Cheat Engine, we change the value of the previous Sun balance to the current value of 75 and click on Next Scan.

  7. The results list would narrow down to only one value after it had hundreds of values, we click on this value twice to add it to the edit section at the bottom.

  8. In the value at the bottom, we double-click on the value number, which is 75, a new window will appear, type the balance you want to add to the game, we will enter 9999999 and then press OK.

  9. As you can see in the picture, the balance of the sun in the game has been adjusted to the new value that we entered.

Features of Cheat Engine for PC

  • Great program for cheating in games and adjusting values easily.
  • Small in size and easy to install on a computer.
  • Open any executive file currently running on the computer.
  • Search for values in games with more than one scan.
  • Modify the values and add any new value as you desire.
  • The values are fixed and make them remain unchanged in the game.
  • Search for a specific value or range of values.
  • Supports searching for different types of value types.

Download the cheat program and save time and effort when playing video games Cheat Engine in the latest version from Downzen for free by clicking the download button on the page.

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