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TagSpaces makes it easy to browse files on your PC in a great way, add tags and colors to files and folders, and find what you need very quickly with the smart tag search.

The good
Add tags to files and folders.
Access your favorite folders very quickly.
Smart search for files using tags.
The bad
It is not possible to search for tags across all folders.
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PC files organization software using tags

Your computer usually has thousands of different files, which makes browsing and finding files more difficult, but with TagSpaces, it will be easy to find the files you want using tags.

How the program works

The program facilitates the process of browsing computer files, by adding tags to a large group of files at once, and then by searching for tags, the files can be found very quickly.

Installing the software on Windows

After downloading the installation file from Downzen, you can start installing the program on Windows, the installation steps are very simple and with simple clicks the program will be ready to use.

File security and protection

The program is concerned with the security of user files, the program's features can be used offline, and all files will remain in the computer's storage only.

Manage and add tags in the program

Using TagSpaces, browsing files will be easier, there are a lot of ready-made tags that can be added to files, with the ability to add more of your own and use them to sort files and folders.

A nice user interface

The program's user interface is excellently designed and easy to deal with, the largest area is dedicated to displaying files and folders, with a sidebar to navigate between folders, tags, etc.

Te program interface supports night mode to change the colors of the elements.

Folder Manager

The folder manager helps in quick access to your favorite folders so that it is possible to move between folders very quickly, and the user can add more new folders to the list.

Add and edit tag library

By default, the program includes a library of ready-made tags, in which the tags are arranged in groups according to their type, such as rating, priority, popular tags, etc., and you can add a new category for tags and then add tags and color them to suit your use.

Add tags to files and folders

Tags are added to folders and files manually, by selecting the files and then adding the appropriate tags, either by typing them to add new tags or choosing them from the list of ready-made tags.

Browse files and quick search

Browsing files with TagSpaces is more fun than ever, files and folders are displayed with tags in bright colors, and it's easy to find your files in ways you don't even find on Windows.

Search for files using tags

From the search bar, just type the name of any tag preceded by a + sign, and it will display all files and folders that have previously been tagged, which is a great way to easily sort files according to the style that suits you.

Manage files and folders in the program

From the program's interface, the user can easily manage his files, just as in the default Windows Explorer, where it can deal with files by copying, moving, renaming, creating folders, and others.

TagSpaces Pro version

This version of TagSpaces is free, however, there are some limitations to some of the great options, which can only be obtained in TagSpaces Pro, here is a list of some of the features in the pro version:

  • Adding information and details about files and folders.
  • Changing specific folder background colors to distinguish them easily.
  • Adding date and time tags to files and folders.
  • Private gallery to review photos in a more effective way.
  • Advanced file search and save your previous searches.

Features of TagSpaces

  • Organizes computer files and folders using tags.
  • A free program with a nice user interface that is easy to handle.
  • Great privacy and it can be used without the need for the Internet.
  • Folder manager control to add favorite folders.
  • Adding and modifying tags and arranging them in a private library.
  • Ease of adding types of tags to files and folders.
  • Quick search for files by typing tags.

You can download the program to organize files and folders using the tags TagSpaces 5.9.2 in its latest version from Downzenfor free from the download section of the page. 

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