DirectX 10

DirectX 10

Multimedia and gaming support library

Microsoft Corporation

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DirectX 10 is an extensive set of libraries and APIs to handle multimedia and graphics that are important to run games and other software that do 3D modeling on Windows OS, this release has many important updates and new features.

The good
Supports many games and software and enhances the overall user experience.
Easy to install.
No configuration required, except in rare cases.
The bad
The newest games may not be supported because there is a newer version of DirectX.
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Ammar Kurd
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Every Windows version since Windows 95 came with a Directx pre-installed to offer native support for 3D rendering, multimedia, and gaming. Ever since DirectX became synonyms with high-quality gaming experience on machines running Windows. DirectX 10 runs on Windows Vista and higher.

Differences between DirectX 10 and 9

  1. DirectInput was deprecated, instead, XInput is used.
  2. DirectSound is replaced with XACT instead.
  3. No more hardware-accelerated audio, since starting with Windows Vista sound rendering is done with software.
  4. DPLAY.DLL is replaced with dplayx.dll.

Even though there are many new features in DirectX 10, a lot of libraries and tools were kept for backward compatibility with older games and software.

DirectX 10 features

  • Support for multimedia and software that uses its APIs.
  • The best platform for gaming on Windows.
  • The tenth version contains many improvements and new features.
  • Backward compatibility with older games and software.
  • Great support for a wide range of graphics cards.

Download DirectX 10

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    10 RC2 Pre Fix 3
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    Windows Vista and higher