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Counter Strike

The famous first-person shooter PC game


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Counter-Strike PC game, join and win war battles, choose the game type whether it is online or local, and choose your team to start the battle, use the available weapons to eliminate the opposing team and win the battle.

The good
Doesn't require powerful PC specifications.
Customizable local server with many options.
Ability to add bots and play with them.
Many types of weapons are available in the game.
The bad
Not possible to select options using the mouse inside the game.
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Ibrahim Mohammed
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A multiplayer game

Counter-Strike is one of the most popular computer games, and it is a 3D game in which you can compete against other players in a fun team battle, whether they are online or local players. There are two teams in the game, the Terrorist team, and the Counter-terrorist team. You can join either team before the start of play, and the battle is divided into several rounds in which each team tries to eliminate the other team.

How to download and install the game on your computer

Counter-Strike game in its 1.6 version is free on PC, you can download and install it on your computer and enjoy the game with all its features, we at Downzen have provided an original virus-free copy, and you can download Counter-Strike and install it on your computer with the following steps:

  1. From the download page, download the game file, which is about 265 MB.
  2. Open the game file and choose the appropriate folder to install the game or leave it and click Next.

  3. Enable the Create a desktop shortcut option and click Next.

  4. Click Installto start installing the game on your PC.

  5. Wait for the entire game installation process to finish on your computer.

  6. Click Finishto finish the installation with the ability to run the game directly by activating Counter-Strike WaRzOnE launch.

Specs required to run the game

Counter-Strike works on the lowest specs available for PC, and you do not need to worry about whether your device supports the game or not, we will now explain the required and suggested specs to run Counter-Strike on PC.


CPUAny processor running at 800MHz or higher
RAM128 MB at minimum
Graphics cardInternal graphics card of 32 MB or higher
OSWindows XP or newer

Join an online server

One of the modes of Counter-Strike is online play, there are dozens of servers available to play around the world, and you can join a random server from Join random server, or browse all available servers from Find Server, the list of servers shows the name of the server, the number of players in the server, the type of game and the map as well.

You can filter the list of currently available servers with several options from Change filters, where you can view servers that are not full or servers that are not password-protected, and you can also choose the region in which you want to compete with players, such as America, Europe, Asia, and others. Select the required server and press Connect, some files required to start the game will be downloaded.

Create or join a local network server

In addition to online competition, you can create a private server on the local network, where you can play in the local server when you meet with your friends or in Internet cafes, etc. and more bots(dummy players) can be added to the game alongside real players. You can also join a server that already exists in the network easily, and we will now explain how to create or join a server on the local network.

Create a new local server

To create a new server, click on New Game, then the server- options will appear, which can be modified as follows: 

  • Server

    To select the appropriate map type from among several available maps, choose the number of bots to be added to the game, as well as select the degree of difficulty and professionalism of bots from among 4 levels.
  • Game

    To choose an appropriate name for the server, which is the name that will appear to the rest of the players, as well as specifying the total number of players in the game, adding a password for entering the server, determining the freezing time and the amount of money to start with, and many other options.
  • CPU Player Options

    You can add a group of random letters before the name of the bots to distinguish them during the game, choose the team that bots will join, and choose weapons that bots can use including snipers, machine guns, pistols, and others.

Join a local server 

You can directly join a local server that one of the players created previously, click on find Servers to open the servers window, then go to the Lantab to view the local servers list, click on Refresh to refresh the list in case the server name does not appear yet, and after it appears, select it and press Connect. You may be required for a password if the server creator has enabled the password protection option.

Preparing for battle and choosing the right team 

Before starting the game, you must choose one of the two teams, the Terrorists Force or the Counter-Terrorists Force, or you can make the choice automatic or just watch the battle between the two teams. Then choose the appropriate gear up to move to the Freeze Time stage, in which weapons can be purchased, and that can be done by pressing the numbers next to the names.

Get new weapons in battles 

At Freeze Time, press B to buy a new weapon, a group of weapons will appear for you to choose and select, you can buy weapons according to the amount of money that you have. You can get a new weapon when you get rid of an enemy and take his weapon, and when the round ends you can start with the same new weapon, but in case you die you will start with the standard weapon. 

Start fighting

When the battle begins, each team's goal is to eliminate the other team. However, there are some missions that both teams must do, such as rescuing some hostages and getting them to the safety point, which is the task of the anti-terror team, or planting a bomb and making the anti-terrorist try to defuse it, which is the task of the terrorist team.

While playing, players get cash when completing missions successfully, and they also lose money if they make some mistakes in the game. Money can be used to purchase weapons, and when a player dies in a round, he must wait until the current round ends, and while waiting players can watch the performance of the rest of their team on the battlefield.

Movement and shooting controls in battle 

Counter-Strike game relies on controls similar to many other shootout games, if you have tried games such as Call of Duty or Battlefield, you will not find it difficult to get used to the control method, where the movement in the four directions is controlled by the keyboard while directing the angle and shooting by mouse. It is also possible to rely on the keyboard only in the process of controlling and shooting, but the process will be more difficult and take time to get used to.

Change your Counter-Strike game options 

From Options, you will be able to choose the name that will appear on local and Internet servers, as well as choose an appropriate logo and choose the shape and color of the shooting indicator, in addition to knowing the functions of all the keyboard and mouse buttons in the game. You can also change the graphics quality of the game, reduce or enlarge the dimensions of the game and make it square or wide, in addition to several options related to sound and microphone.

Counter-Strike features

  • A team shootout game full of excitement and challenges.
  • Compete online with random players from around the world.
  • Filter the list of online servers with several options.
  • Create or join a new server over the local network.
  • Customizing the local server with many options.
  • Possibility to add Bots to the player list.
  • Works on computers with low specs.
  • Buy weapons before starting the battle or get them during battle.
  • Many missions to do and rewards to get.
  • Easy controls using the mouse and keyboard.
  • Ability to change the functions of the buttons on the keyboard and mouse.

Download the action-packed multiplayer shootout game Counter-Strike 1.6 the latest version from Downzen by clicking the download button on this page. 

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