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Discover the world and its secrets from your computer.

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Google Earth program is on of the most magnificent Windows programs, which allows each of its users access to any region and discover secrets of the world.

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Ayad Alqatrany
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    This version of Google Earth program has been processing and repair some of the errors that were present in previous versions. The program is amazing, it allows you to displays anywhere in the planet region via satellite in a very clear and precise, allowing you to watch any place that you want to see, such as your home or your work place, identifying places that you heard about and you dream to visit.

    One of the  benefits of Google Earth program is to identify the tourist attractions around the world so that you can identify the area you want to visit select the most beautiful tourist destinations and find out restaurants, airports, allowing you to develop a wide perception of the tourist area so the plan will be more organized. recently in the latest version of this program you can know the weather and climate for all the places around the world. 

    This new version of Google Earth program contains a lot of features from the previous versions such as identifying places and mark them on a map as well as look at the Earth, the moon, the stars and celestial bodies in a clear and beautiful form. The program is very gorgeous and once you download it and install it on your computer you will enjoy a lot and you will feel that you can travel to any country in the world and discover the Secrets and Mysteries of the world even more. You can download it on our website This is a simple Free The program and the method of direct download, all you have to do is clicking on the icon at the top of the download page, do not waste the opportunity.

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