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Nox APP Player is considered one of the best Android emulators out there, it has far more features compared to other emulators. Nox allows native performance playing of Android games and apps on your PC.

The good
Create and manage multiple Android emulators easily.
Automatically recognizes famous games and maps their control keys.
Great assortment of multi-functional tools.
The bad
High-RAM and resources usage.
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Ayad Alqatrany
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Android apps and games emulator

Android emulators can run Android apps and games on the computer, and get a different experience with a larger screen and more details, especially gaming experience, which greatly increases the level of fun with a different control method.

When we talk about Android emulation on the computer, Nox Player is considered one of the most popular programs in this field, along with a group of alternatives such as BlueStackes and LD Player.

How the program works

The program provides a suitable environment for running Android games and apps, with high performance support and attention to stability and speed.

The program simulates the entire Android system with different versions according to your desire, it also includes a wide range of wonderful tools to control the Android emulator.

Installing the program on Windows

Nox Player works on all versions of Windows (XP/VISTA/7/8/10/11), the process of installing the program on Windows is very simple and requires only one click, and the installation process will be done automatically within a short time.

Requirements to run Nox Player

The program has some requirements to run smoothly without problems, and this is due to the high performance of some games in the Android system, and the following is a clarification of Nox Player requirements:

Minimum RequirementsSuggested Requirements
ProcessorDual core processor, either Intel or AMDMulti-core processor that supports Virtualization Technology
Graphics cardSupports Open GL 2.0 or higherNewer specs mean better performance
Storage space1.5GB2GB

Android emulator of different devices

By default, the Android system is simulated in a wide-screen tablet view, with the ability to rotate the screen vertically like mobile phones, and the program supports the ability to simulate different phone brands such as Google, Samsung, LG and others.

Learn about the Nox Assistant program

Nox Assistant works alongside the Nox Player emulator, and through it, you can implement several options for dealing with the Android emulator.

You will find a shortcut to the Nox Assistant on the desktop when you install Nox Player on Windows.

Browse and open installed games:

You can view the list of installed games in the Nox Player emulator without running it, with the ability to run any game on the emulator and start the game directly, which is a direct way to open the game you want to play in an easy way.

Create multiple Android emulators easily

By default, the Android version of the emulator will be 7.0, however Nox Player supports the ability to create more than one emulator, and the ability to run several Android emulators at the same time and control them independently and synchronize between them.

Download games and apps 

Through Nox Player, you can run any Android game on the computer. All you have to do is download the game, install it on the system, and run it directly.

The thing that will differ is the control method that will switch to using the mouse and keyboard.

Download games from Google Play Store

The Nox Player emulator supports Google services, including the Google Play Store, which includes millions of apps, just log in and download the games and apps you want to run.

Download APK games from external sources

It is also possible to install games on Nox Player from an APK file, either by downloading it from alternative stores, or importing an existing APK file on the computer and installing it directly on the emulator.

Setting the environment for games

Through Nox Player, you will be able to play your favorite Android games on the computer, such as PUBG Mobile, Call of Duty Mobile, Brawl Stars and many more.

The program gives great importance to providing a comfortable environment to enjoy games, by facilitating the control of games with the mouse and keyboard with great options.

Automatic recognition of the game controller style

One of the beautiful features of Nox Player is that it automatically recognizes the style of game control.

Some famous games such as Among US, once installed, will automatically add control keys on the screen, and the same is true with a large group of famous games.

Map game controls manually

The program supports the ability to add a lot of control keys related to games, there are different types of keys such as movement control, pressing once, consecutive presses, swipe in a specific direction and many more.

To add a a control key, the control key is placed in the desired place and then choose the appropriate button on the keyboard.

Great Tools in Nox Player

These tools perform a variety of functions, which give the user great capabilities when dealing with the program, and we will now explain some of these tools:

  • APK Downloader

    An easy way to install apps and games from APK files on your computer.
  • Screenshot

    To take a screenshot of the emulator screen and save it to a special folder on your computer.
  • Close all apps

    To close all open apps in the emulator with just one click.
  • Screen video recording

    To video record the emulator screen for making tutorials or recording games and more.
  • Share Folder

    To link a folder on the computer with a folder in the Android emulator, to make it easier to share files between the computer and the emulator.

Features of Nox Player 

  • High-level Android system Emulation on the computer with great capabilities.
  • Runs Android games with high quality, smooth and stable performance.
  • Download apps from Google Play Store or APK files.
  • Supports creating and running multiple emulators at the same time.
  • Recognizes games and automatically maps control keys.
  • The ability to map game control keys.
  • Control games via keyboard, mouse or controller.
  • Video record or screenshot the emulator screen.
  • Easily share files between emulator and computer. 

To have a fully featured Android emulator for PC to run apps and games smoothly and steadily, you can download Nox Player latest version from Downzen for free from the download section of the page.

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