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No matter how many files and folders you store in the pCloud Drive, all of your data will be at your fingertips. Regardless of how you use your space in the cloud - via web, desktop or mobile - your files are truly easy to manage.

pCloud Drive

File Management

pCloud Drive has an advanced file manager that will be available to you in any platform you use.


A search field is available at the top part of the pCloud web interface and the mobile applications. Simply enter the name of the file or folder you are looking for, and it will be found in an instant.


You can filter your files by their file format. The pCloud filters are the quick search icons in the left-hand side menu (for web and mobile): Documents, Images, Audio, Video and Archives. Clicking on them opens a list of your filtered files.


The files you have deleted from your pCloud account will stay in your Trash folder for a specific number of days, depending on the plan you are using. For Free plans this period is 15 days. Premium/Premium Plus/Lifetime users get 30 days.

Unlimited Capabilities

If you have been into cloud storage for some time, you have probably encountered multiple limitations, such as limited file size for the data you are uploading to the cloud, or limited upload and download speeds. At pCloud, we are proud to point out that we provide our users with unlimited capabilities for their data!

Unlimited File Size

With pCloud you can upload any type of files, regardless of their size, directly to your account. You can even store your HD video collections in the cloud. Most of the other cloud storage services impose serious limitations, especially when it comes to uploading files in web. This is one of the top reasons pCloud is just for you!

Unlimited Upload and Download Speed

The file upload and download only depend on the speed, achievable by your Internet provider. When you use pCloud Drive, the synchronization speeds can by specifically limited by you, if you wish so. The web platform and the apps do not, in any way, limit your upload or download speeds, regardless of whether you are Free or Premium user.

File Sharing

Enjoy multiple file sharing options through the pCloud applications and the web interface! Whether you collaborate with pCloud users or not, your files can be sent to anyone you like.

Invite to Folder

Collaborate with your team with Shared folders. Use the option "Invite to folder" to share private folders with other pCloud users. Control the levels of access by setting "View" or "Edit" permissions. Once the users accept your invitation, they are ready to start collaborating with you. You can manage your existing shares from pCloud Drive, pCloud for Mobile or from the web platform. You can also stop access to any Shared folder or change permissions at any time.

Download and Upload Links

Quickly share large files with friends and family, even if they don't have a pCloud account. Download links allow you to send files and your recipients get an instant preview from their browser. These links are dynamic, so they will always show the latest version of the files you share. For extra security, you can protect your Download link with a password or set an expiration date.

Easily receive files from anyone directly to your pCloud account with Upload links. Your recipients will be able to upload files without gaining access to your account. Everything will be organized in one place for your convenience.

Direct links

The Public Folder is a special folder in your pCloud's file structure, which allows you to create Direct links to files and folders. Use your pCloud as a hosting service to create static HTML websites, embed images or simply share your files the way you want. All the files you place in the Public Folder will be accessible in an index directory.


Mobile devices and computers often break or get stolen, so personal and business users need to make sure their important files are backed up all of the time. Through data synchronization and backup, pCloud guarantees the required safety for your valuable files.


Once you upload your files in pCloud, you'll always be able to access the latest version on your computer, mobile device and through our web app. pCloud's desktop application - pCloud Drive also has an additional file synchronization option, which connects the local files on your computer with pCloud Drive. pCloud supports block-level sync, so that files are updated even faster.


Backup all of your precious photos and videos from your mobile device in just one click. Simply turn the Automatic Upload feature ON and your mobile media will be uploaded to your pCloud account.


To guarantee your files' safety, pCloud uses TLS/SSL encryption, applied when information is transferred from your device to the pCloud servers. At pCloud data security is our top priority and we do our best to apply first class safety measures. With pCloud, your files are stored on at least three server locations in a highly secure data storage area. Optionally, you can subscribe for pCloud Crypto and have your most important files encrypted and password protected. We provide the so called client-side encryption, which, unlike server-side encryption, means that no one, except you will, have the keys for file decryption.


pCloud Crypto is the simplest and most secure way to encrypt data.

With pCloud’s unique client-side encryption functionality users’ files are safely hidden from any unauthorized access. pCloud Crypto lets users protect their confidential files with high-end security, making it as easy as placing a file in a folder. pCloud's security application encrypts data on user's computer, and uploads only the encrypted version to the servers. Files never leave user's device, so there is no way that anyone receives sensitive information in a plain version. We apply zero-knowledge privacy, meaning that encryption keys are not uploaded or stored on our servers, and we are incapable of viewing user files. The encryption key (Crypto Pass) is only available to the one who creates it, i.e. the user.


For a cloud service to be effective and user-friendly, it needs to cover as many devices as possible. In pCloud we are aiming to integrate our product on any device, so you can have your data with you anytime.

File Versioning

pCloud stores versions of your files for specific period of time, so don't worry if you need to find a previous version of your work. It is all available for you. Dig into the actions you have performed and easily keep track of all your activities in the cloud.


If you are uncertain about the security of your photos on the social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Picassa, pCloud offers a great service for you. You can start backing up your valuable memories to pCloud by just clicking a button and you can stop and resume it any time you like. Also, pCloud is developing various plugins in order to ease your work with other platforms. You can back up your WordPress website with all files, media and database to pCloud.

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