ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors

ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors

Highly efficient Office document creating and editing program

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ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors to work with Office documents in a new way, create and edit Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files with many tools, save documents to cloud storage, and share them with others.

The good
Work with more than one document at the same time via tabs.
Create and modify documents with many distinctive tools.
Save documents in cloud storage online.
The bad
Does not support Arabic documents.
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Ibrahim Mohammed
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Microsoft Office alternative

With regard to dealing with documents, sheets, slideshows and so on, Microsoft Office has been de facto, however, there are many practical alternatives to dealing with Office files, one of them is the wonderful suite ONLYOFFICE which offers many free features and services.

How the program works

The program helps in dealing with various Office documents, by creating, modifying, and exporting them with many options, the program also, supports offline mode, in addition to saving documents in cloud storage and accessing them from any device.

Dealing with all document formats

ONLYOFFICE supports all known Office document formats, such as (DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, PPT, PPTX). It also supports previewing more formats, such as PDF, TXT text documents and many more.

Installing the software on Windows

After downloading the program’s installation file, you can start installing it on Windows.

The installation process is simple and not complicated and requires only several clicks. The program works on all versions of Windows starting from Windows 7 and higher.

Cross platform - works on multiple platforms

The ONLYOFFICE document editing service works on all operating systems and can be used on your Windows PC, Mac or Linux, as well as on Android or iOS phones and tablets.

Handling and editing office documents

ONLYOFFICE greatly facilitates document handling, acts as a platform for all the documents you work with, and can easily access all your documents from one place.

A nice user interface

The user will clearly notice the meticulous work in the design of the program interface, despite its simplicity, it is very practical and speeds up editing documents, and can easily create documents or access recent documents.

Create and edit new documents

From the program interface, a new document can be created.

There are three main types of Office documents that can be created:

  • Word Document

    To write considerably large texts such as reports, stories, etc. in a very comfortable environment, you can format and organize them with many great tools and many options.
  • Excel Spreadsheet

    Creates, arranges, and analyzes spreadsheets and uses various functions to perform complex calculations very quickly.
  • PowerPoint Presentation

    Design presentations that contain multiple information and details on slides and run them one after the other to facilitate explanations for different projects.

Open documents in multiple tabs at the same time

ONLYOFFICE supports opening more than one document at the same time easily, any document you open will move to a new tab while keeping the previous documents open, and this greatly facilitates the movement between the various documents in the interface.

Offline mode

ONLYOFFICE can work on the computer in offline mode without the need to connect to the Internet, new documents are saved in computer folders, and the user can transfer them from one device to another easily.

Free and no need to register

Only Office is free and can be downloaded and used without the need for any activation. It also does not require any registration to the service and works directly as soon as it is installed on the system.

Open previous documents on the computer

If you have previous Office documents on your computer, you can easily open them and complete their editing on ONLYOFFICE, the program is compatible with file formats created through Microsoft Office or any other program that deals with Office documents.

Create cloud storage for documents

The program offers a shared online workspace service. This service allows to keep all documents in the cloud, access them at any time and from any device easily and share them with others.

Create a new cloud storage space

The ONLYOFFICE service allows you to create a secure storage space for your documents, all you need is to fill in a set of basic data, and then you will be able to access your files from any device, at any time via the Internet.

Cloud storage service cost

The cloud storage service in ONLYOFFICE is available in different ways to suit everyone, we will mention the most important of them:

PriceFreeFreeMonthly / 1 year / 3 years subscription
Number of users1 user5 usersStarts with users
Storage space2 GB2 GB100 GB

A comparison between ONLYOFFICE and Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office is the most popular document management program, and we will try to compare it with the wonderful ONLYOFFICE program in some aspects:

  • The program is available for free use

    ONLYOFFICE is available for free on the computer, while Microsoft Office is available for a trial period and then purchase is required.
  • Program size on PC

    ONLYOFFICE is significantly small in size compared to the large size of Microsoft Office.
  • Arabic and other languages support

    ONLYOFFICE supports a limited number of languages, unfortunately not including Arabic, while Microsoft Office supports a larger number of languages.

Features of ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors

  • A great alternative for creating, modifying and exporting Office documents.
  • Free with a nice and simple interface design.
  • Supports dealing with Microsoft Office documents.
  • Does not need activation or registration.
  • Easily create Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents.
  • Supports opening multiple documents at the same time with the tabs feature.
  • Cloud storage service for opening documents online.

You can download the ONLYOFFICE office suite for creating and modifying Office documents with many options ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors 7.1 in its latest version from Downzen for free from the download section of the page.

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    Windows 10, Windows 2003, Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows, Windows 7, Windows XP