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QuickTime Player

A media player from Apple

Apple Inc

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QuickTime Player, from Apple, allows the playback of most audio and video formats in HD quality including the (.MOV) movie format made by Apple.

The good
Elegant and easy-to-use user interface.
Plays most video and audio formats including (.MOV) movies.
Supports playback of Virtual Reality (VR) Movies.
The bad
Slowness while running on some devices compared to other media players.
No longer supported for Windows systems.
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Ibrahim Abdul-Hakim
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QuickTime Player is considered one of the most popular media players and it is made by Apple. QuickTime Player supports the playback of many audio and video formats, including HD formats such as MOV, MPEG-4, audio files, and VR movies.

QuickTime Player provides a high-quality seamless playback, as well as an elegant design. Many unnecessary controls were removed from the interface of the player to make it cleaner and avoid user confusion. The program does not require you to change any setting in order to watch online content, as it dynamically determines the connection speed and selects the best possible quality that suits your Internet connection.

QuickTime Player main features:

  • Diverse multimedia platform

    It supports many audio, video, and HD formats. It also supports the playback of modern HD formats (H.264).
  • Online streaming

    The ability to play online live broadcasts.
  • Media files editing

    By using the Pro version of the software, you can convert video formats with the ability to record video and audio clips.
  • Simple user interface

    The user interface is simple and smooth to use. It also allows controlling the playback settings like speed up and down.

To get the latest version of Apple's player QuickTime Player, Click on the download button on the page.

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