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Raspberry Pi Imager to burn operating systems for the single-board computer, Raspberry Pi. Browse the list of online downloadable systems or choose the image file from the local computer, then choose the target memory card and burn the image.

The good
Many systems are available for download via the program.
Supports formatting the external memory card.
Burns the system quickly with verification.
The bad
Does not display all operating system sizes when browsed.
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Ibrahim Mohammed
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What is a Raspberry Pi mini-computer? 

The Raspberry Pi device is a very small, palm-sized computer, designed with the intention of spreading digital computers to everyone at an affordable price. The Raspberry Pi is used in many different fields, and it comes in many specifications and versions, some designed with powerful specs, and others come with low specifications. Raspberry Pi runs on Linux with a simple and easy-to-use interface. To install the system on the Raspberry Pi, you will need the Raspberry Pi Imager to get the system ready. 

List of available online systems for download

The first step you need to do when you get a Raspberry Pi is to search for the appropriate operating system, this program can be used to find the system very easily, as it saves you from the hassle of searching online for the appropriate systems, and the program displays the basic operating system from the developer company. In addition to several different systems specialized in playing media or games and some other useful uses.

Setting the memory and selecting the system image file manually

The operating system of the Raspberry Pi is downloaded to an external memory card. The function of this program is to burn the system image to the external memory. As we mentioned, the operating system can be obtained from the Internet via the program. You can also choose the operating system image file if it is already present on the computer. Before that, format the external memory card in FAT32 format via the program, then you will be able to burn the system directly to the external memory card.

Start burning the system directly to the memory

After choosing the system image and the target external memory card, click on Writeto start burning. The process takes time depending on the size of the image. After the system burns to the memory, the program will verify to ensure that everything is OK, then the external memory card will be ready for use, and it can be connected to the Raspberry Pi and start using it.

Raspberry Pi Imager features

  • Easily download and install the Raspberry Pi operating systems.
  • Simple user interface.
  • Operating systems can be downloaded from the online repository.
  • Supports manually selecting the system image file from the local computer.
  • Prepares and formats the memory card in the FAT32 format.
  • Verifying the system after it was burned on the memory card.

You can download the Raspberry Pi program to get operating systems for your Raspberry Pi. The latest release of Raspberry Pi Imager 1.6.2 can be easily downloaded from Downzen for free by clicking the download button on the page.

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