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Tux Paint

A creative drawing program for kids

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Tux Paint is a program for teaching kids to draw in a simple and fun way. Use the various tools to create the most beautiful and creative paintings, color them to get an excellent drawing, and save the drawings for review at any time.

The good
Many types of brush shapes to paint.
Backgrounds and coloring drawings are ready within the program.
Save drawings in a private gallery and export them.
The bad
The interface needs more improvements in appearance.
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Ibrahim Mohammed
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Teach children creative drawing on the computer 

Drawing is one of the most important things that are taught to children, and it is an opportunity to give the child a space for creativity and to show his talents in drawing.

Tux Paint is popular for teaching kids to draw on computers. It is intended for children and kids from 3 to 12 years old and has been adopted in many schools around the world to teach drawing, due to its ease of use and its simple and easy interface.

The program interface and basic drawing tools

After downloadingTux Paint on the computer, open the interface, which consists of several arranged basic sections.

On the left side, there are many drawing tools, such as brushes, erasers, and tools for dealing with drawing. At the bottom, there is a special bar displaying several colors for use in drawing and coloring, while on the left side, there is a special section for displaying types of brushes, shapes, etc., and the largest area in the interface is dedicated to drawing and coloring.

Create a new drawing from ready-made models

From the Newbutton, you can start a new drawing, you can choose the background color from among several methods, can use ready-made models of all kinds. There are models to display different drawings waiting to be colored, such as cities, maps, elements, and others.

There is also a set of real images that can be added, or you can start drawing on a white background or choose any other color for the background easily.

Use paintbrushes, lines, and shapes

The program provides a great set of drawing tools, the most important of which is the brush, through which you can freehand draw using the mouse.

There are many forms of brush that can be chosen and used, the color of the brush can be chosen and changed at any time before starting to draw.

There is also the Lines tool that draws lines with the same shapes as the paintbrushes, and also the Shapes tool to add beautiful and varied shapes to the drawing and color them.

Add magical effects to the drawing

There is a special tool in the program, which is the magic effects tool, and through it, you can modify the drawing or the image with many options.

You can explore and experiment with the effects to preview the results, such as drawing walls, adding the blurry and wavy effect, adding rain and plants, and many more. Some of these effects support choosing colors and others do not, and by using these effects you can get impressive results. 

Start coloring, scanning, and inserting texts

To enjoy coloring pictures, you can choose one of the models meant for coloring. From the color bar, choose the color and then click in the appropriate place to color directly. You can edit the image and add some elements through the brush tool before coloring. The eraser tool can also be used to erase some of the places you colored without erasing the basic drawing lines.

The program also supports inserting texts in certain places and choosing the font style, color, size, and others. 

Save drawings in the program and export them

The program can save many of the child’s drawings so that he/she can collect all his/her drawings in a gallery, and return to them at any time to view or edit them as well. To save any drawing in the gallery, press the Savebutton.

In the gallery, it is possible to export any drawing and save it on the computer as an image that can be shared later, or all drawings can be arranged in sequence and played in a beautiful presentation.

Tux Paint Features

  • Teaching children creativity through drawing in a simple and fun way.
  • Many ready-made drawings for coloring.
  • Change the background color of the drawing to several colors before starting.
  • Many types of brushes can be used for drawing.
  • Full control over drawing the lines and shapes with different colors.
  • Insert texts on the drawing and customize it with several options.
  • A large number of magical effects to experience.
  • A special gallery to save and review previous drawings.
  • Export any drawing and save it on your computer as an image.

You can download the program for teaching children to draw in a distinctive and simple educational style Tux Paint 0.9.29 in the latest version from Downzen for free by clicking the download button on the page.

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