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ScratchJr is a program for children to teach them programming at an early age by integrating it with drawings, by moving the beautiful characters logically and sequentially using many options, interacting with the cartoons by drawing or creating a new character for them according to their desire.

The good
A large number of characters and elements can be used.
Move characters with cool, sequential movement styles.
The ability to create a new character by drawing it.
Videos and instructional explanations within the program.
The bad
Projects cannot be saved to your computer as an image or video.
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Ibrahim Mohammed
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Teaching children at an early age 

This program aims to convey the idea of critical thinking to children at an early age, by creating a mini-story and moving several characters that are added, while providing simple controls that suit their age. Not only that, but drawing is integrated into the program so that children can draw a new cartoon according to their desire, and it is an opportunity to learn how to design projects, solve problems that kids will encounter, and unleash their creativity in drawing and more.

Running the ScratchJr service on multiple devices

Many schools around the world adopt this program in their curriculum, and it is intended to work on phones and tablets via ScratchJr app for Android, but a group of developers has provided the program on computers as well, because there are many schools that do not provide tablets for students but may provide educational computers in schools, bearing in mind that the version of the program on the computer is experimental and the main developers of the program are not responsible for its content. A copy of the program is available for older children, which is Scratch program 2 for PC.

Learn about characters that can be designed

After downloading the program on the computer and opening the interface, it is easy to get an idea about the drawing and movement commands projects that can be done through the program, a set of ready-made characters are displayed to open and start moving. Opening these models will help to identify the different methods of moving the characters, and it will give the child more ideas that will help him in creating new ways, methods, and stories to deal with the characters.

Start a project and design

When creating the first project in the program, white space will be opened with the addition of one of the characters. The program interface is simple and can be handled simply. The interface consists of several sections such as the characters section that contains a number of them, and also the movement bar that can be selected in order to move the characters. It is also possible to create more than one workspace in the same project, by adding more pages.

Choose and modify the main characters

One of the beautiful things about the program is providing a large number of characters and elements, such as people, animals, trees, vehicles, etc. So that many elements can be added to create a specific story or scenario. The characters can be moved at first and placed anywhere in the picture, and the characters can be modified by changing the colors of the clothes and adding some details to their shape. The characters are modified through a special window that contains beautiful drawing tools, and a new character can also be created if the child is skilled in drawing.

Choose backgrounds and add texts to the page

It is very important to choose the right background for the project. The background is one of the most important elements for creating a scenario. The program provides a wonderful set of diverse backgrounds, such as the sea, forests, stadiums, houses, and many more.

It is also possible to adopt a background of one color only if required, some texts can also be added to the image, and text size can be chosen and placed in the appropriate place on the image.

Learn to move characters in several ways

To move the existing elements, there are a lot of options available. Various methods of movement are available. By placing them in sequence, you can create a specific idea. Each movement method contains several options that are selected and placed in sequence. Each character can have separate movements from the other character. We will try to simplify the movement methods in the program as follows:

  • Start method: Chooses how to start the movement in the project, such as touching a flag, touching movement block, or when two elements touch.
  • Movement style: To move the elements in all directions by a certain amount that you type, in addition to rotating the elements and making them jump or return to their place.
  • Interaction method: To change the size of the element, make it larger or smaller, or make it disappear and reappear, as well as have a conversation with another person.
  • Control method: To make the character wait for some time before making a move, or speed up and slow down the movement of the characters and repeat them as well.
  • End method: Choose how to end the character's movement, such as stopping, repeating infinitely, or moving to another page in the project.

ScratchJr Features

  • Teaching coding in a very simple way to children at an early age.
  • Focuses on teaching critical and sequential thinking to children.
  • Many ready-made projects show what can be done.
  • It provides a set of very beautiful characters and elements.
  • Choose the appropriate background and add texts and pages.
  • Moving characters and elements in many ways.
  • Save several projects in the interface.

You can download the program for teaching coding in a simple way for children at an early age, ScratchJr 1.3.2 in the latest version from Downzen for free by clicking the download button on the page.

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