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ZSoft Uninstaller

Windows uninstaller alternative


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Windows uninstaller alternative
ZSoft Uninstaller is a free utility for the complete removal of software installed on a Windows system. This is an alternative to the default tool provided with the operating system. Download ZSoft Uninstaller by clicking the download button on this page.

Alternatives for ZSoft Uninstaller

No alternatives found for this operating system!
No alternatives found for this operating system!

Comparison Table

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Display Driver Uninstaller DDU


IObit Uninstaller

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Wise Program Uninstaller

ZSoft Uninstaller
DescriptionCompletely uninstall Display DriversAdvanced Windows uninstallerRemove unwanted programs easilySoftware complete removalComplete software removalWindows uninstaller alternative
The good
    • Completely free.
    • Removes every trace of the driver from the system.
    • Free.
    • Simple and easy to use UI.
    • Portable.
    • Force removal capability.
    • Cleans registry after uninstallation.
        • Easy to use.
        • Integrated tools to perform system tuning and tweaks.
        • Complete removal of software and its leftover files.
        • Ability to delete files without the possibility of recovery.
        • Free.
        • Lightweight and easy to use.
        • Complete removal of software along with no leftover.
        • Ability to rate programs.
        • Free.
        • Before and after installation disk analysis.
        • Removal of empty folders and temporary files.
        • Integrated startup manager.
        The bad
          • The user interface is not smooth.
          • Can cause problems to your system if used incorrectly.
          • Batch uninstallation is not supported.
          • Installation tracking not supported.
              • Not free, 30 days trial only.
              • The UI is not visually appealing.
              • Does not support uninstalling multiple software.
              • No support for creating system restore points.
              • It does not have a nice user interface.
              Downzen rating4.
              Users rating03.
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