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Clash Royale is an online multiplayer game on Android where the goal is to take-down enemy towers while protecting yours. The game have collectible cards for buildings, spells and others items. The game was released on March of 2016 and has received an overall positive critique.

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Awesome and wonderful graphics.
Rich in characters.
Gameplay is really good.
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No offline mode.
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Ayad Alqatrany
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According to the developers, they did not expect Clash Royale, to be as successful as Clash of Clans and Boom Beach , but to their surprise the game generated $1 billion in revenue in less than a year on the market!


If you ever played Clash of Clans then you would love to try Clash Royale, the two games are similar in many ways, you can find all the characters from Clash of Clans plus Princes, Knights, Baby Dragons and more.

The aim of the game is to destroy most of the opponent's towers, the player who destroys more towers wins, but the player who destroys the King tower wins instantly. There are four game modes available:

  • Training Camp.
  • Tournament.
  • 2v2.
  • Touchdown.

The game lasts for 3 minutes, but if there is no victory by that time, then the game goes to overtime and the first to destroy a tower wins automatically, but if no one succeeds, the result is a draw.

The highest level is level 13, players advance their levels by getting more points through collecting cards and wining battles. Player's rank is determined by the number of trophies collected from wining battles.


The cards is everything in the game, here is a list of what you need to know about them:

  • Cards are the only way to get buildings and spells that you use in battles. Before the game starts the each player has 8 cards in his/her deck, four of those cards are chosen randomly.
  • You can use spell cards anywhere in the battle arena, whereas buildings cards are used only the player's zone.
  • To use the cards you need enough Elixir, you start with 5 Elixir units but you can get more by winning battles.


Some of the notable characters are:

  • Knight , a nice looking man who can cause average damage, costs 3 Elixir.
  • Prince , a fighter in armor that causes high damage, costs 5 Elixir.
  • Archers , far range attack experts, causes less than average damage, costs 3 Elixir.
  • Bomber , a skeleton that throws bombs, costs 3 Elixir.

There are far more characters than the ones mentioned above and the best way to get to know more about the characters is by playing the game.

Clash Royale features

  • Challenge players from around the world or challenge your friends in a private duel.
  • Four different playing modes.
  • Multiple levels and arenas available.
  • Ability to form a clan to share cards.
  • The game is rich in characters.

Download the latest version of Clash Royal 70288030 right here in Downzen , just click the download button above for a direct and fast download link.

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