GoFly VPN,V2ray,Trojan,sock5

GoFly VPN,V2ray,Trojan,sock5

Protects your internet connection and opens blocked websites


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GoFly VPN, V2ray, Trojan, sock5 provides the best Internet browsing experience, encrypts all your data, prevents your online activities from being tracked, and easily opens all blocked sites and services in your area.

The good
Lite, fast, and easy to use.
Many servers around the world.
Control which apps use the connection.
The bad
The list of servers is not fixed and may contain only a few servers.
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Ibrahim Mohammed
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VPN apps

Not everyone has privacy when browsing the Internet, there are many parties that may track your activities and use them for several things, and some services are available in a specific geographical area and are not available to everyone.

In addition, many governments block some important websites; to circumvent all the restrictions on the Internet you can use free VPN apps.

How GoFly VPN works

The app focuses on facilitating bypassing Internet restrictions, as it easily unblocks users, by connecting the phone to one of the servers with an encrypted connection, and sharing data in a secure way away from any third parties.

Free and unlimited

GoFly VPN is available for free to all users, and it can be used for an unlimited time as needed, and it has a simple interface that is easy to use, and you don't need any registration.

The benefits of using GoFly VPN

Any user of VPN services will get many security features, such as surfing the internet anonymously, hiding your real location, encrypting all the Shared data on the internet, as well as protecting data when connecting to open networks, and many more.

Connect to the service servers 

In order to get all the security features of GoFly VPN, all you need is just one click to connect to the server, there are many servers ready to provide their services at any time, which provide speed and stability while connected.

Browse the list of servers

In the GoFly VPN service, there is a group of servers around the world, the servers are grouped according to the country in which they are located, and the list of servers is constantly changing to display the available ones so that the user can manually choose the server he wants according to his desire. 

Control phone apps that are using the VPN

While connected to the server, by default, all phone apps use the VPN service, and all data in these apps is encrypted, and the app allows controlling which apps are allowed to use the VPN and prevents the rest from using it.

GoFly VPN features

  • A great app to improve internet browsing and increase security.
  • Hides the user's identity and current location from others.
  • Easily access all blocked sites and services.
  • Connects to service servers and encrypts all data.
  • Many servers around the world are available to connect.
  • Control which apps are allowed to use the VPN.

You can download the Internet browsing protection app and open all blocked sites GoFly VPN 4.5.1 in its latest version from Downzen for free from the download section of the page. 

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