Dream League Soccer 2021

Dream League Soccer 2021

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The game Dream League Soccer 2021 is a wonderful way to play football. Create your dream team and sign the best players to join your team. Play in a successful football career or face players online. Improve your team and develop your own football stadium.

The good
Playing football matches in various modes.
The ability to play in local network with friends.
Beautiful player control methods during matches.
The bad
All shots must be manually aimed towards the goal.
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What's new in Dream League Soccer 2021 

Compared to the previous installment, DLS 2020, numerous additions and improvements have been made to Dream League Soccer 2021. These enhancements provide players with a new and exciting gameplay experience, as is customary in Dream League Soccer games. Let's now outline some of the additions introduced in this version:

  • Updating players and their abilities when searching for them and signing them.
  • Significant improvement in players' performance during matches, gameplay style, and celebrations.
  • Displaying more detailed player profiles and adding thousands of player images, beautifully framed.
  • New selection of upbeat music tracks that play in the background.
  • Playing in special seasons to earn rewards for your club.

Playing in the Professional Career mode

One of the gameplay modes in Dream League Soccer is the Professional Career, a very appealing mode where you create your own team from scratch. You play numerous matches to achieve championships. In the Professional Career, in addition to playing matches and winning them, you will have to do several things such as:

  • Managing the team lineup and players:

    This is one of the most important aspects before starting matches. Choose a formation to position players on the field, include some substitutes if necessary, assign set piece takers, and allocate medical treatments to enhance players' abilities.
  • Recruiting new players:

    It's essential to add some strong players to your team. From the transfer list, several players will be available for direct signing. Alternatively, you can engage with scouts who search for exceptional players at reasonable prices.
  • Developing your club from various aspects:

    Each team in the game has its own stadium. You can enhance this stadium through multiple options, such as upgrading the training facilities, medical center, increasing seating capacity for more fans, and many other features.

Competing in matches against players online

You can also play football matches against players online. A random player will be chosen to face you in the match. A chart displaying the results of your previous online matches will be shown. Additionally, there are several challenges that last for several days, where players from around the world compete. There's a dedicated section for the leaderboard, featuring top players who have achieved the highest number of victories in matches.

Playing an exhibition match to test your skills

You can play exhibition matches at any time, even without an internet connection. In these matches, you'll face a random team each time you start a new game. In exhibition matches, you can showcase your football skills. Once a match ends, you can start another match according to your preference. Before starting a match, you can make adjustments to the team lineup and choose the kit colors for your team and the opponent.

Training on match control skills

There is a specific mode in the game for practicing match control skills. In the training mode, you can start free training without an opponent to learn techniques such as passing, shooting, and more. You can also change the type of training to focus on specific aspects like free kicks, corner kicks, or penalty kicks. Furthermore, you can enter the tutorial mode to explain basic control commands for both offense and defense.

Multiplayer gaming within the local network

Dream League Soccer game supports the possibility of multiplayer gaming over the local network. This mode allows you to play and compete against a friend nearby by connecting to the same local Wi-Fi network. One player creates a new game while the other searches for it and joins. This mode is very suitable for enjoying matches with family or friends.

Customizing your team's options

At any time, you can make various modifications to your own team, such as editing your team's logo, changing its appearance and primary colors, and more. You can also modify the appearance and colors of players' uniforms, such as jerseys, socks, shorts, and much more.

Additionally, you have the ability to change the name of your team that will appear in tournaments and matches. Finally, you can customize the appearance of the coach's face and attire to make the best impression.

Commands for controlling players in real matches

You must learn how to skillfully control the players on the field. When the match starts, several control buttons will appear on the screen. On the left side, there is a control joystick for moving the selected player in all directions. On the right side, there are three buttons labeled A, B, and C. The functions of these buttons vary between attacking and defending.

During the attack, these buttons are used for low passes, high crosses, and shooting. During defense, they are used for pressuring the opponent, switching the selected player, and sliding to intercept the ball.

Dream League Soccer 2021Game Features

  • Playing and competing in football matches wonderfully and professionally.
  • Significant improvements in gameplay, graphics, and music.
  • Embark on a professional artistic journey and build your dream team from scratch.
  • Sign contracts with new players and enhance your team's strength.
  • Develop your team's stadium to generate more revenue.
  • Participate in online competitions with random players.
  • Compete in local network matches with friends in a beautiful way.
  • Simple control commands during real match gameplay.

You can download the enjoyable football game Dream League Soccer in its latest version, Dream League Soccer 2021, for free from the Downzen website by clicking the download button on the page.

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