Dream League Soccer 2022

Dream League Soccer 2022

The DLS mobile soccer game

First Touch Games Ltd.

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The popular Dream League Soccer 2022 game, play soccer matches and compete with your friends on your phone. Start a successful career and create your dream team with more than 4000 real licensed players within the game, enjoy the gameplay in matches, score goals, and win trophies.

The good
Many diverse competitive modes.
Play with friends over the Internet or Wi-Fi.
Play with licensed players and add them to your team.
Customize the team's kits and logo to your liking.
The bad
The shooting and scoring goals process is very difficult.
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Ibrahim Mohammed
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Dream League Soccer 

One of the most popular football games on mobile phones, for many reasons such as the variety of competitive game modes and availability to play even offline, and allows you to build your own dream team by buying players. This game puts you in the exhilarating and exciting world of football, right on your smartphone all with 3D design.

New improvements and additions to DLS 2022

Dream League Soccer always issues a new major release to its fans every year, and in this version of the DLS 2022 game, many things have been improved, we will try to simplify them in several points as follows:

  • Players' stats:

    All players' stats have been updated to the latest data; the game has the license for about 4000 real players from all clubs around the world.
  • User interface and audio:

    The user interface has been slightly improved to become clearer and easier to handle, and many exciting songs have been added. 
  • Movement of players on the field:

    The level of intelligence of the players and their movement on the field has been increased according to the formation selected by the coach.
  • Stadium Interactions:

    The crowd interaction has been improved by raising more flags to give you a real experience of the match.

Start your professional career and build your dream team

Once you start playing, your team will be average players with average stats. Your task is to build your new dream team by developing the squad and improving your players' stats, by playing in different leagues and promoting your team to the first league division.

Also, participating in and winning cup tournaments, with a special section for each tournament to follow up on the status of your team and its position in the tournament.

The transfer market and buying players

A strong team means strong players, so it is necessary to get professional players at high stats, as you continue to play in tournaments you will face strong teams that you will not be able to defeat with average players. 

From the transfers section, you can buy new players and add them to your team. You can get a new player from agents, scouts, or players that are currently on transfer. Player prices vary according to their level, as there are common, rare, and legendary players.

Manage and upgrade buildings in your club

In addition to paying attention to strengthening the squad, it is important to develop your club's buildings, and this includes the stadium, training building, medical building, etc.

Development operations help raise the level of the club and increase its fame, in addition to increasing the revenues that the club receives from fans, sponsors, and others.

Preparing the line-up before the match

Before the start of any match, make sure of the starting line-up of players, choose the appropriate game plan and tactics for the distribution of players on the field, and switch between the main and reserve players as needed.

In addition to selecting the players entrusted with the implementation of set-pieces of all kinds, there are also specialized trainers for goalkeepers, fitness, and others.

Your dream team against other online teams

Dream League Live is one of the competition modes in the game, in which you can play against the strongest online players around the world, and it is an opportunity to test your true level against real players instead of facing the computer every time.

After playing several matches in career mode, you will get to unlock this mode, and then you will get many rewards when you win matches, your Internet speed must be suitable for online mode.

Playing offline in friendly matches

A special mode to test the level of your team without affecting your professional career, it's a set of friendly matches that can be played offline, random teams are chosen to face in friendlies, and you will receive rewards for winning matches.

Exhibition mode (Online Mode)

Dream League Soccer allows friends to compete against each other online, where there is a lot of fun competing with friends, no matter how far away you are. This is done by typing the same code on both phones, and the game will automatically connect them and start the match.

Multiplayer mode (Offline Mode)

There is an additional mode for group competition between friends, which is the competition mode via the local Wi-Fi network without the need for an Internet connection.

In this mode, the two phones will have to connect to the same Wi-Fi network, and while one of them creates a new game, the other has to search for it and join it to be connected. 

Training mode 

From the training mode, you can develop your level and skill in controlling the players, there are several skills that can be trained, such as how to shoot free kicks, penalty kicks, corners, and other playing modes, in addition to the possibility of running free training to play a training match to adapt to all different situations.

How to control players 

If you are a former player of Dream League Soccer, there is no change in the control methods, from the left side you can control the player's directions with adjustment to walking or running.

On the right side, there are three multifunctional buttons, A, B, and C. In attack, they are dedicated to passing and shooting towards the goal. In defense, it is assigned to pressure the opponent and slide, it is possible to practice the control techniques from the training mode in the game.

Features of Dream League Soccer 2022

  • Football matches simulation with excellent 3D design.
  • Many improvements to gameplay and stadium effects.
  • Has a license to view more than 4000 real football players.
  • Start a new football career with the objective of creating your dream team.
  • Buy new players from the transfer market to boost your team's strength.
  • Developing and improving the stadium and the club's buildings.
  • Play online against a friend or random players.
  • Compete with friends over the local network in friendly matches.
  • A special section for training the skills and methods of controlling players.

You can download the popular football game on smartphones, Dream League Soccer 2022 9.14 with the latest version from Downzen for free by clicking on the download button on the page.

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