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PUBG MOBILE is an Android game based on the battle royale genre. Fight against 100 other players as a solo player or as part of a team, endure to the end as the sole survivor to win.

The good
Different playing modes.
Ability to download new arenas.
Ability to adjust the game graphics resolution.
Large playing area.
The bad
The player starts the game with practically nothing.
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Ammar Kurd
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Game modes

The game has three different game modes:

  • Solo, in this mode you play as a single player.
  • Duo, in this mode you play with a friend as a team of two.
  • Team, play in a team of 4.

The game has different arenas with the ability to download new arenas from the Internet. It is also possible to play in password-protected rooms. The rules of the game can change depending on the room you play in.


The game is centered around the battle royale theme, where you have to fight and eliminate enemies on a deserted island and survive until the end of the game. You can see the island details by checking the island's map (seen on the top of the screen) which is an important tool for your survival.

The game controls are easily accessed on the screen, where you can control the direction, position, and speed of your character and control the weapons. Another important tool is the game metrics on top that show you the remaining players and your kill count.


In the latest update to the game, the ability to form or join an alliance was added, where you can either form or join an existent clan of up to 35 members. To form a new clan you will need 50,000 PUBG coins.


The high definition quality might not work on every device, so it is wise to change the settings to adjust the quality of the graphics and frame rate if the game is not working properly on your device. It is also possible to adjust the controls and touch sensitivity.

PUBG features

  • Extremely fun and exciting game.
  • Different playing modes.
  • Ability to download new arenas.
  • Easy game controls.
  • Ability to form or join clans.
  • Ability to adjust the game graphics resolution.

PUBG MOBILE KR (The Korean PUBG version)

There is a special version of PUBG MOBILE available officially for Korean players and it could be officially downloaded and installed from the Korean Play Store, but you can also get it directly from Downzen as the Korean version has some features over the global version. You can get it from PUBG MOBILE KR.

Download the latest version of PUBG MOBILE 3.1.0 right here in Downzen, just click the download button above for a fast and direct download link.

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