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Flipkart Online Shopping App

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Flipkart Online Shopping App to buy and sell online with great ease. Browse different product categories, add what you like to the shopping cart, explore popular stores, and follow the latest offers for all products.

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Flipkart store categories

The app is concerned with all types of products offered for sale such as smartphones, computers, clothes, home furniture, sports tools, books and other products. The products are divided according to major categories and many subcategories to facilitate the shopping process.

From the side menu you can access the different categories of products, and by clicking on one of the categories, a group of other sub-categories will appear, which may contain smaller categories as well, and this makes it easier for the user to access the product to buy it.

Products filtering and arrangement

When you open the products for a specific category, you can arrange the display of all products according to several things, such as arranging products according to popularity or new ones, and they can also be arranged according to the highest or lowest price.

You can also filter the products and show what suits you only and hide the rest, where you can specify the largest price and the lowest price, or specify a specific category and choose the brand of the product or products that have discounts, or choose the color of the product or the age-appropriate for it and many more.

Offer details

Entering the required product page, you will find a set of product images from different angles, in addition to the current price display and the previous price in the case of discounts, and it also displays the comprehensive details of the product, its characteristics, features and everything related to it.

There is also a section for user reviews who previously purchased this product, where the number of reviewers of the product appears and some positive or negative comments about the product, the reviewing process helps you not to buy a bad product and know reliable stores.


There is a special section for major and famous international stores around the world, from the side menu open the Stores section, and in it, you will find technology stores such as Microsoft, Apple, WD in addition to some well-known stores selling watches, clothes and others.


In the deals section, the current best offers will be displayed on all products of all kinds, and the products are divided into different tabs, the most important of which is the Deals of the Day.

There are other tabs for displaying the latest offers for clothes, smartphones, electronics, home furniture, cars and books, and the products in these tabs are sorted according to the best or by product type.

Shopping cart and my wishlist

When browsing different products, you can add several products to the shopping cart and then make a single purchase. On the product page, click on Add to Cart, and by going to the shopping cart, you will find all the products with the total price.

You can add some products that you want to buy in the future to my My Wishlist, and in it you can collect your future plans for purchases, and it is also possible at any time to make the purchase directly from this list.

Features of the Flipkart Online Shopping App

  • A unique app for online shopping for all types of products.
  • Displaying products under main categories and sub-categories to facilitate the shopping process.
  • Filter products by price, brand, and other tools.
  • Sort items by highest, lowest, or popularity.
  • Rate the products and add positive or negative comments, if any.
  • A special section for world-famous stores.
  • A special corner for the latest offers and discounts on all products.
  • Add products to cart and buy them in one go.
  • Add your future shopping plans to my wishlist.

Download the Flipkart Online Shopping App 8.0 for free in its latest version by clicking the download button at the top of the page.

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