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Free Fire MAX

The maxed edition of the popular game


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Enjoy Garena Free Fire in its max edition, playing Garena Free Fire Max with new abilities, characters, and high graphics, rule the battlefield with your skills in different battling modes and win the competition.

The good
Significant improvements in effects, graphics, and animations.
New characters and abilities.
Compete in many fighting modes.
A wide variety of weapons and military equipment.
The bad
The number of players in the Battle Royale mode is not commensurate with the size of the map.
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Ibrahim Mohammed
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Online multiplayer shooting games

Online shooting games are booming a lot these days, due to the high level of competition that this style of gaming offers, as it offers competition in different modes to suit all players.

Garena Free Fire occupies a special position among the most famous online shooting games, and it has a wide fans base around the world who prefer it over its competitors such as PUBG Mobile or Call of Duty Mobile and other shooting games. 

What is new in Free Fire Max?

Free Fire Max is a new edition of the game, launched in late 2021 to be the developed version of the original Free Fire, Free Fire Max includes many improvements that increase the level of excitement in the game, we will try to explain some of the changes brought by Free Fire Max:

  • Graphics optimization

    The graphics have been greatly enhanced to compete with other shooting games, the way the elements are displayed within the game have been greatly improved, and improved graphics means an increase in the level of thrill that players get.

  • Improved player motion and effects

    In addition to improving the graphics, the players' movement style has also been improved, in addition to improving the effects of weapons in the battle.

  • Increase render distance

    It is the distance in which the game elements are displayed in front of the player so that players can detect enemies from a far distance, and that is very nice, especially for sniping weapons fans.

  • New characters and abilities

    More new characters and abilities have been added to the game, as well as a new lobby that brings players together in Battle Royale, as well as allowing players to customize their maps.

All of these features are wonderful and give the player a better gaming experience, but at the same time, they consume a lot of your smartphone's storage due to the high quality of graphics, as the size of the game has increased clearly and the consumption of storage and RAM is also greater.

Battle Royale mode

Battle Royale is perhaps the most famous mode in the game, a mode that gathers 50 players on a huge island, players are gathered in a lobby, and then are dropped off the plane at any location of their choice.

Then begins the journey of searching for military equipment such as weapons, grenades, and bulletproof vests. Each player tries to survive as long as possible and eliminate the rest of the players on the island. This mode largely depends on the skill of the player and the strategy used in combat.

Clash Squad mode

Clash Squad is another mode of competition with different and exciting rules, the battle is between two teams of 4 players each, the map is greatly limited with the use of random weapons in the battle.

In this mode, the battle is divided into consecutive rounds, in each round each team tries to eliminate the members of the other team. The round ends when all players on one team die, and the team that wins the most rounds is considered the winner.

The game map

It is important to rely on the map that appears on the screen during combat, the map can be enlarged in full screen to better view its contents, the map displays enemies within close proximity to you to know their locations.

In the Battle Royale mode, the map will be reduced to a circular shape and players will have to move only in the allowed area, so it is important to stay within the allowed area in order to keep your life.

Motion and weapon buttons

In the battle you will have to deal with many controls to control your character, there are many buttons on the screen and in different places. Your survival rate in combat depends on the correct and quick use of these buttons.

There are buttons for running, jumping, and crawling on the ground, buttons to switch weapons, aiming and shooting, buttons to open the inventory and restore health, and many more.

Character and skin customization

In Garena Free Fire Max, there are many characters, the characters are unlocked either by buying them or getting them as prizes, and you can change your favorite character at any time and use it in various battles.

Characters can be customized with many options. From the inventory, the player can change the clothes, shoes, and accessories of the character, the options available vary according to the character itself.

Weapon types

In the weapon inventory, you will find various types of weapons. Weapons are sorted according to their types, such as rifles, machine guns, sniping rifles, pistols, and others, with the ability to preview the weapon in 3D.

There are special weapons that can be obtained by purchasing them with gems, each weapon has its own unique name and design look.


The settings section contains a wide range of options to customize the game according to the player's desire. We will mention the most important settings that can be changed in Free Fire Max:

  • Account and language

    Link your Google or Facebook account to the game in order to save your game progress, as well as change the language of the game interfaces and menus as it supports many languages.

  • Graphics

    To change the resolution of the game for several levels, in addition to the activation of a color filter, or increase the number of frames per second (FPS) and that requires an Android device with powerful specs.

  • Sounds

    To control everything about the sounds in the game, such as setting the volume of background music, the sound of effects (FX), the volume of the voices of players on your team during gameplay, and the volume of in-game alerts.

  • Control buttons

    To choose the method of shooting, the method of switching weapons, dealing with vehicles, how to run, and others, the game also supports button bindings according to the player's desire.

Garena Free Fire MAX features

  • The upgraded and improved version of the popular game Garena Free Fire.
  • Improvements in graphics, movement style, and weapon effects.
  • Compete against online players.
  • Experience the survival struggle with Battle Royale.
  • battling in a four player-team against other teams.
  • More new characters.
  • A large number of various weapons and military equipment.
  • The ability to customize the locations of the control buttons on the screen according to the player's desire.

Garena Free Fire - Original edition

Garena Free Fire is the original game to fight the most intense battles, compete with other players in the battle of survival, play with your friends in a team or solo, and develop your character to become the most powerful warrior. Get the original "Garena Free Fire Original"

You can download the popular online shooting game Garena Free Fire MAX 2.104.1 in its latest version from Downzenfor free by clicking on the download button on the page.

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