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Garena Free Fire is yet another battle royale game, join another 49 players in a fight for survival on an isolated island where only one person can survive. Download Garena Free Fire APK now by clicking the download button on this page.

The good
Several game modes.
Many weapons and tools are available.
Different characters and customizations.
The bad
Chat only with team members.
No training mode.
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Garena Free Fire is one of the best battle royale games on the gaming scene. Its interface and gameplay are similar to PUBG Mobile, so if you are familiar with PUBG you will feel comfortable with Garena, it has a similar plot where 50 players parachute down to an isolated island and start a survival battel where only one player can win.

Game modes

There are several playing modes in the game, where you can play as a single player or in a team of two or four players. To form a team you can invite your friends by linking your Facebook account with the game.

Discover the island

The battlefield is the island, so it is important to know the map and how to use it. The game has two maps available, the first and default map is Bermuda when you reach level 5 you will be able to play in Purgatory. The two maps differ in geography and environment.


After selecting the map you will be transported to a temporary place where all 50 players will gather. Next, you will join others inside a plane that will fly over the island, select the right moment to jump off the plane to the island using a parachute.

As with other games of the same category, the controls are on the screen. On the left side the movement controls and the running button. On the right the action buttons such as the squat, crawl, shooting and aiming buttons.

Weapons and gear

The first thing you must do when you jump off the plane to the island is to search for weapons.

Weapons are located inside the buildings scattered throughout the map, and weapons are collected automatically when you approach them with the possibility of collecting more than one weapon.

You can also collect other gear such as a helmet and a bulletproof vest, etc., motorcycles and cars can also be used to move around faster.

Characters and customizations

You can choose between different characters in the game, some of which are free, others you need to pay for or unlock by playing the game.

In addition, the characters can be customized by buying clothes and other accessories from the game's store.

You can also go to the inventory to view all things related to clothes, with the ability to change the character's appearance at any time later.

Change the game settings 

There are some things that you should check before you start playing, you could choose the quality of the graphics, adjust the brightness and shadows, and the way the map is displayed.

In addition, you can adjust the controls during the game, such as selecting the aiming accuracy, quick switching of the weapon, driving vehicles, displaying hints, and many more, also the automatic collection of various items on the map can be turned on or off.

Features of Garena Free Fire

  • Epic survival battle royale-style game.
  • Team and solo playing options.
  • Several playing modes.
  • The game contains different maps and locations.
  • Availability of various weapons and tools.
  • Easy and smooth controls.
  • Many characters and customization to unlock.
  • Ability to change game settings and graphics to your own style.

Garena Free Fire MAX - improved edition

Garena Free Fire MAX game is the upgraded edition of the original Garena Free Fire. Enjoy playing Garena Free Fire Max with high graphics and new abilities and characters. Test your fighting skills in different game modes and win the battles. Get "Garena Free Fire Max"

Download Garena Free Fire

What distinguishes Garena Free Fire is its small size compared to other games such as PUBG Mobile and Call of Duty.

Free Fire is downloaded in a small-sized APK file players call it Free Fire low MB download, and the size varies according to the version, after installing and running the Low MB FF version, the rest of the game files are downloaded from the game servers.

Free Fire low MB download

Free Fire 1.104.1 can be downloaded from Downzen in a small size. The game installation file is available in different sizes depending on the version. For example, Free Fire 45 MB download or Free Fire 42 MB download in older versions.

Download Free Fire older versions 

Free Fire is constantly updated to add new features, however, there are those who are looking for old versions of Free Fire with a size of less than 50 MB, and you can preview the older versions of the game at Downzen from the link Free Fire Old Versions.

Download the latest version of Garena Free Fire 1.104.1 with a direct and fast download link via Downzen by clicking the download button on this page. 

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