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Meta VPN

A quick app to open blocked sites and services

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Meta VPN app protects your internet connection, encrypts all sent and received data, prevents your online activities from being tracked by different parties, and easily bypasses internet restrictions in your area.

The good
Simple interface that is easy to use.
Great speed in connecting and disconnecting.
Completely free and no registration is required.
The bad
Missing many essential VPN features.
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Ibrahim Mohammed
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VPN apps

In some regions around the world, VPN apps are necessary, due to restrictions imposed by internet providers, which may include important apps and games that are available in other regions around the world.

The fastest way to bypass Internet restrictions is to use VPN apps, and there are many such free apps available to everyone, the most important of which is the Meta VPN app. 

How Meta VPN works

The app makes it easy for you to bypass all the restrictions imposed on the Internet, by establishing a connection with one of the service's servers, which provides you with a secure connection with many different security features, and thus no other party will be able to know the data you send and will not be able to block it.

The benefits of VPN service

Once you establish a connection with one of the VPN servers, you will get a set of security features in your phone, such as hiding your real location, accessing all blocked sites, services and games, protecting data when connecting to open networks, and many more.

Free usage with ads 

The Meta VPN app is completely free and does not require any payments, it works directly and does not require any prior registration, and offers unlimited services with high speed.

A fast app

Perhaps the speed of the app’s performance is what distinguishes it the most, as it just needs one click and has a very simple interface so that it is easy to connect and disconnect at any time and there are special servers belonging to the service ready to connect at any time. 

A unique interface

Meta VPN may have one of the strangest interfaces, it only has a button to create a new connection, and it does not include any other elements like other VPN apps, this makes using the app very simple and requires only one click.

Downsides of Meta VPN

One of the strange things about the app is that it does not support many important VPN services features, it does not display the list of servers to choose the appropriate server, and the phone apps that can use the VPN cannot be controlled, in addition to many important things that are not present.

Features of Meta VPN

  • Easily bypass internet restrictions.
  • A nice and simple interface that is easy to use.
  • Hide the user's real location from others.
  • Access all blocked sites, services, and games.
  • Very fast and does not take long to establish the connection.

You can download the app to bypass the internet ban and open all blocked websites and games Meta VPN 2.3.0 in its latest version from Downzen for free from the download section of the page. 

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