Network Mode

Network Mode

To easily change the preferred mobile network type

Ather Akber

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The amazing Network Mode app for obtaining basic information about mobile networks and their types, with the ability to easily change your preferred network type if your phone does not support switching between different available network types.

The good
Lightweight and doesn't take up phone storage.
Easy to use and performs quickly.
Displays important information about the phone and mobile networks.
Supports various types of networks.
The bad
The app does not support changing the network mode for SIM card number 2.
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Mohammed Samir
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Network Mode App Idea

The idea for creating this app arose when there was a need to change mobile network types from the phone's settings. In some modern phones, the Android system does not allow manual selection of the preferred network, and sometimes phone companies restrict this for various reasons. Therefore, the app allows users to easily choose the network mode they desire while providing useful information about signal strength, network type, and more.

Explanations About Mobile Network Types

Mobile phone companies around the world rely on several technologies to broadcast radio waves, and the connection between the phone and the network type is automatically established based on the type of SIM card being used. Here are some well-known technologies used in broadcasting radio waves for phones:

  • GSM: This is the most widely used technology for mobile phone networks worldwide and is one of the oldest.
  • CDMA: This technology uses very high frequencies to broadcast radio waves and supports more users than other technologies.
  • WCDMA: This technology was designed to be a successor to GSM and uses the same CDMA technology but at higher frequencies.
  • LTE: This technology is known for its very high data transfer speeds and is used in 4G phone communications.

Phone support for mobile network types varies depending on the model and manufacturer. Some phones may support GSM but not CDMA, while others support any technology and can have any SIM card installed. You can check the phone's specifications to find out which technologies and networks it supports.

Identifying Information in the Interface

The app's interface contains a wealth of information about phone-related matters and mobile phone networks. This includes displaying the phone's IMEI number, the name of the phone network, current signal strength, current phone data type, and many other details. It's important to note that if the phone supports multiple SIM cards, the app will display information related to SIM card number 1 only.

Changing Preferred Network Type for the Phone

Among the information displayed in the interface, you can change the preferred network type to suit your various needs. You can switch between various modes such as GSM Only, WCDMA, Global, and many others. These modes are not all available in the phone's connection settings, so you will need this app if you want to change the network mode when it cannot be changed from the phone's settings.

Features of Network Mode App

  • Very easy-to-use app for changing phone network types.
  • Lightweight and less than 1MB in size.
  • Displays useful information about the phone and networks.
  • Easily switch between different network modes.
  • Supports a variety of network types.

Download the Network Mode app with the latest version for free from the Downzen website by clicking the download button at the top of the page.

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