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PUBG MOBILE KR is the Korean version of the famous action-packed game PUBG. This version contains features that are not available in the standard game. So if you think you're a die-hard PUBG fan, you have to try this version too.

The good
Less lagging compared to the standard version.
New collectible items and loot.
It can be installed alongside the standard PUBG game.
The bad
You can't join a clan created in the standard version.
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Ammar Kurd
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So... Why should I get the Korean version?

First off, PUBG MOBILE KR is not the only  non-standard PUBG version, but we think it's one of the best, and here's why:

  • Better response (less lagging)

    The first thing we noticed is a much better response speed (less delay) compared to the standard PUBG, which may be due to the fact that its servers contain fewer players.
  • Different missions and better loot

    This version contains a lot more loot than the standard version, it also has different missions, which makes it even more worth trying.
  • Can be installed alongside the standard PUBG

    Yes, you can have both on the same device without any problems.
  • Supports English as the UI language

    Only English and Korean languages are supported in this version.
  • You can easily invite and play with your friends

    It is true that the standard and the Korean versions do not share the same servers, but you can easily play and invite your friends from the standard version to the Korean version.
  • UCs are less expensive

    The prices of UCs are slightly less in the Korean version.

Before the transition to PUBG MOBILE KR

If you are interested in PUBG MOBILE KR and you want to try it using the same account you use in the standard version, then you must know that you will be starting from the first level, meaning that you will not keep your previous record from the standard version. 


You can't just get PUBG MOBILE KR from the Google Play Store. You need a Korean IP address to get the game. You can do this through a VPN service. However, you can also use an alternative app store such as the and download the game easily. To get the game, just click the download button on this page and follow the usual installation procedures.


The game modes are the same as in the standard version, where you basically compete with other players online in different available modes :

  • Classic

    Which is the most popular mode, this is the classic Battle Royale game, in which you compete against one another among 100 players on a large playing field and the last standing player is the winner.
  • Arcade

    It is similar to classic mode, but has fewer players, the playground is smaller and the playing time is also shorter than in classic mode. This mode has three different variants:
    • Hardcore Mode.
    • Quick Match.
    • Sniper Training.
  • Arena

    In this mode, it is played as a 4-on-4 team with different rules depending on the category in which you participate. The available categories are:
    • Domination.
    • Arena Training.
    • Team Deathmatch.


Before you start you must take a look at your inventory to get ready for battle, your weaponry consists of a main weapon and smaller secondary weapon. In addition to several add-ons that can be installed on the weapon of your choice.


The game controllers appear on the screen wherein the left you have the buttons for movement and speed, on the right side of the screen, you have the crouch and jump buttons. The weapons are on both sides of the screen for easier switching between the main and secondary weapons.

Adding friends and teaming up

As said earlier, you can easily add your friends from the standard PUBG game to the Korean version. To do so you have to use the search bar in the game to search for players by name or ID, you can also add the random players you meet in the game.

Add friends and team up

As mentioned earlier, you can easily add your friends to the Korean version from the standard PUBG game. To do this, you need to use the in-game search bar to search for players by name or ID. You can also add the random players you meet in the game.

Settings and graphics

There are many settings to optimize and customize the game. Depending on the type, these settings are grouped in tabs. These sections are:

  • Basic.
  • Graphics.
  • Controls.

There are other options related to device sensitivity, vehicle control, and sound.


  • Full of new, exciting, and adventurous missions.
  • Less lagging compared to the standard version.
  • New collectible items and loot.
  • Several playable modes.
  • Ability to play solo or in a team.
  • Variety of weapons with easy switching between them.
  • Great and easy gameplay.
  • Easy to add and team-up with other players.
  • Easily customize Settings and graphics.


Get the latest version of PUBG MOBILE KR 3.1.0 with a direct and fast download link via Downzen by clicking on the download button on this page.

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