Collect by WeTransfer

Collect by WeTransfer

Keep all your favorite things in one place

WeTransfer BV

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Keep all your favorite things in one place
WeTransfer app allows you to keep all your favorite things in one place. Add photos, videos, texts, or anything you come across on your phone or the internet that you want to save. Organize saved items into different boards and easily share them with friends online.

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No alternatives found for this operating system!
No alternatives found for this operating system!

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Collect by WeTransfer

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DescriptionKeep all your favorite things in one placeShare files and apps via WiFiThe fastest way to transfer files between different devicesTo send apps and files quickly to phones
The good
        • Adding important items directly from any other app.
        • Organizing items into multiple boards.
        • Ability to share items with friends online.
              • Free and easy to use.
              • Available on both Android and Windows OS.
              • High transfer rates via WiFi without the need to connect to the Internet.
              • Transfer files quickly between phones.
              • Fast connection between sender and receiver phones.
              • Send multiple types of files at the same time.
              • Supports file transfer between iPhone and Android phones.
                • Managing the phone from the computer via a wireless network.
                • the fast and distinctive phone copy feature.
                • support for sending to iPhones.
                  The bad
                        • It doesn't support previewing audio files.
                              • The development is discontinued, so do not expect updates.
                              • Many annoying notifications come from the application.
                                • Annoying ads on the main interface.
                                  Downzen rating4.
                                  Users rating5.
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