Foxit MobilePDF

Foxit MobilePDF

View, create and manage PDF files

Foxit Corporation

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View, create and manage PDF files
Foxit MobilePDF does not need an introduction! It's one of the best apps for viewing, creating, and editing PDF documents. This version of the app for iPhone and iPad includes many features, such as cloud storage and synchronization, document sharing and tools to edit PDF files.

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Comparison Table

Foxit MobilePDF
DescriptionView, create and manage PDF files
The good
  • Merge PDF files.
  • Cloud storage and synchronization.
  • Scan paper-based documents into PDF files with ease.
The bad
  • Embedded 3D models are not supported.
Downzen rating4.6
Users rating3.0
Last update2024-04-10
Requires connectionUnknown