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Andrew Zhezherun and Leonid Zhezherun

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WinDjView is a free and open-source ebook reader for Windows that reads ebooks in DjVu format. Download WinDjView now by clicking the download button on this page.

The good
Free and open-source.
Small size and lightweight.
The bad
Due to lossy compression, the images are moderately low quality.
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Ammar Kurd
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What exactly is DjVu?

DjVu is a format to store scanned documents in a digital form (ebook), it is similar to PDF but utilizes lossy compression for a more compact size. Similar to PDF you will be able to copy and paste from the document itself using a technique called Optical character recognition (OCR).

Even though DjVu has a lot of features in addition to the fact that it was open-source from the beginning in contrast to PDF which was proprietary at first, DjVu did not achieve widespread use and PDF became the standard for eBooks on almost all platforms. Some of the features that distinguish DjVu from PDF are:

  • Uses less storage space by using better compression.
  • Open source from the beginning.
  • Faster especially for documents with more graphics.

WinDjView features

WinDjView is the best DjVu viewer for Windows, its features are comparable with famous PDF software such as Foxit Reader and Adobe Reader, these features are:

  • Free.
  • The user interface is nice and well organized.
  • Small size and lightweight.
  • Fast even in documents with a lot of images.
  • Multi-tabbed viewer.
  • Saves the last open page.
  • Bookmarking capability.
  • Ability to highlight and comment on paragraphs.
  • Ability to search the document.
  • Different viewing options.
  • 90 degrees page rotation.
  • Zooming tools such as magnifying glass and marquee zoom.
  • Export document to text.

Download WinDjView for Windows

To get the latest version of WinDjView 2.1 with a direct and fast download link via Downzen by clicking the download button on this page.

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