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Nir Sofer

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ControlMyMonitor allows you to view and modify monitor settings such as brightness, contrast, sharpness, red/green/blue color balance, and more., you can use either the GUI or the command line to edit the settings. The utility is small in size and completely free.

The good
Easy to use.
Small size.
Ability to save/load settings.
Complete control of every monitor parameter.
The bad
Does not support all types of monitors.
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Ammar Kurd
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Similar to other Nir Sofer utilities, this program is small and very convenient to keep especially for people working in computer maintenance. With this tool, you can adjust many screen parameters either through the GUI or the command line.

This utility will automatically recognize connected monitors. You can then easily adjust the screen settings. You can also save the settings to a file on your hard drive, then re-import it at any other time. This function is useful if you have a group of monitors that you want to adjust with the same parameter values.

ControlMyMonitor runs without any installations or DLL files all you need to do is download the executable file and run it, that is it!

Download the latest version of ControlMyMonitor right here at Downzen, just click the download button for a direct and fast link or visit the official website, Nir Sofer.

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    Windows Vista up-to Windows 10