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With SearchMyFiles, you can search for files and folders on Windows systems efficiently using a variety of methods, including wildcards. This utility is one of many free and small system tools from Nirsoft. Download SearchMyFiles for free here in Downzen, with a direct and free link.

The good
Quick to locate files.
Does not require installation.
Small size.
Different search options are available.
The bad
The user interface could be made better and easier to use.
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Ammar Kurd
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There are many ways to specify your search when using SearchMyFiles, they are:

  • Wildcards.
  • Last modified/created/last accessed time.
  • File attributes.
  • File content (text or binary search).
  • File size.

All of these search options will optimize the accuracy of your search to achieve the desired results. Not all of these options are available in the default Windows search tool.

As usual with all Nir Sofer’s tools, you can export all the results or a selected number of the results to different formats (text/HTML/CSV/XML file) or copy and paste them into any file such as Excel.

System requirements

SearchMyFiles is a portable program that does not require any installation or any additional files to run, all you need is to download the executable file then run it directly, it will run on Windows 2000 up to Windows 10 in both 32-bit and 64-bit systems.

You can also place the utility in an external flash drive to search other systems without leaving a trace in the registry.

How to use SearchMyFiles

When you run the program the Search Options window will pop-up, from there you have to enter the options you need, first by entering the base folders or drives to search, then enter the other options such as wildcards, after that you be required to click on OK to start the search. Every file or folder that matches the options you specified will appear on the main window of the program.

When the search is over or in case you choose to cancel the search then you can view the files, open them or save a list of the resulting search in (text/CSV/HTML/XML) formats.

Supports Arabic

Arabic language support for the program is available by downloading the translation file and placing it in the same folder that contains the program’s operational file. The translation file can be obtained through the program’s official website from the list of available translations.

Download the latest version of SearchMyFiles the free Windows search alternative from Nirsoft right here at Downzen, just click the download button on this page for a fast and direct link.

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    Windows 2000 up to Windows 10