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David Carpenter

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Everything is a free and fast file search tool, which directly locates files and folders as soon as you type the name in the search box which proves to be more practical than the default search utility in Windows.

The good
Quick indexing of files and folders.
Supports search by file type.
Supports advanced search using RegEx standard expressions.
The bad
No support for email search.
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Ammar Kurd
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The default search utility in Windows is intolerably slow and takes forever until it finds what you search for that is if it finds it at all. The Windows search utility also has a severe lack of research options and lacks in features compared to other tools.

But with Everything, the search process has become easier, more accurate and faster, and contains some of the important features that are supposed to be found in all local search utilities.

The most important features of Everything

  1. Quick indexing of all files on your hard disk.
  2. Instant search for the desired file, once you enter the first letter you will see a list of all files that contain that letter.
  3. Search by file type, you can limit your search results for specific file formats such as compressed files, audio files, text files and documents, executables, pictures, or videos.
  4. Support for filtering based on file type, name or modification date.
  5. Display search results as small icons or thumbnails.
  6. Supports Bookmarking searches.
  7. Advanced search using RegEx.
  8. An overall great alternative to the default Windows search tool.

Download Everything the alternative search tool for Windows

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