Windows PC Health Check

Windows PC Health Check

Windows 11 PC compatibility check tool


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Windows PC Health Check is a tool to check the specifications of your computer to see if it supports the Windows 11 operating system, and learn some important information related to the performance of your PC.

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Small-sized tool and easy-to-use interface.
Quick in displaying the result of the examination.
Views some important information on specifications and updates.
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Does not display specific incompatible specs.
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Launching the new operating system Windows 11

The launching of the new operating system Windows 11 from Microsoft, received a lot of attention, which is considered natural as the Windows operating system is the most used operating system on PCs. Six years after the launch of the amazing Windows 10, Microsoft decided to launch a completely new Windows with improvements in appearance and performance, to give users an amazing and unique user experience.

Windows 11 PC requirements

When announcing the properties and features of Windows 11, the specifications required to run it on the computer were also announced, which are somewhat acceptable and suitable for most modern computers. We will now explain the minimum requirements to run Windows 11:

Processor:1 GHz processor or higher with 64-bit architecture support.
Storage space:64 GB.
Graphics:DirectX 12 compatible graphics card.
System requirements:Supports UEFI, Secure Boot.

Download and install the scan tool on Windows

Windows has released a small-sized tool to check the PC specs and to clarify whether it supports running Windows 11 according to the specifications shown. You can get the tool from the download section on the page, open the tool to start installing it on the system by agreeing to the terms, and then wait until the installation process is completed successfully. Then you will be able to start testing your device for compatibility with Windows 11.

Start scanning the computer and view the result

From the Windows PC Health Check interface, you can directly perform a device scan. All you have to do is press the Check Now button to see the result directly. If your device does not support running Windows 11, you will be notified that you will continue to receive Windows 10 updates. There is another chance to change the result of the scan. That is by checking Secure Boot from the BIOS if it is disabled, but if your device supports Windows 11, you will be notified when the system is available on your device to install it.

Knowing some important performance information

In addition to checking your device and checking its compatibility with Windows 11, the tool gives you some information about your computer, such as the device name, storage, RAM, etc., as well as the ability to access the system updates section and analyze the storage in the computer. It also reminds you of the last time you checked for system updates and displays the battery status of the laptop.

Windows PC health check features

  • Check computer specifications to know if compatible with Windows 11. 
  • Small and easy to install on Windows system. 
  • A quick scan and clear display of the result. 
  • View some computer specifications such as storage, battery, etc. 
  • Reminds you of the last time you checked for system updates. 

You can download the PC Health Check 2.1.2106.23002 program to see if it supports the new Windows 11 operating system with the latest version from Downzen by clicking the download button on the page.

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