Movavi Video Suite

Movavi Video Suite

Comprehensive video editing software

Movavi Software Limited.

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Movavi Video Suite for handling videos, audio, and images with a wide range of premium tools. Browse the tools and try them to get everything you want in just one program.

The good
A comprehensive program for everything a content creator needs.
Nice and organized interface displaying editing tools.
Professional video editing.
The compatibility between the editing tools is great.
The bad
Trial version for 7 days only.
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Ibrahim Mohammed
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Movavi media handling program 

This program is a platform that includes many tools, and it is suitable for lovers of professional content creation on the Internet because it provides them with everything they need in one program, such as video editing, screen recording, file conversion, and many more. 

How the program works

This program includes several Movavi tools and functions in one suite, including video editing, video conversion, screen recording, etc.

In order to make dealing with media files easier and faster, many of the tools are displayed, each with a specific function.

Install on Windows PC

After downloading Movavi Video Suite for PC, you can start installing it, the installation steps are simple and are done automatically.

The program is compatible with all versions of Windows without problems.

A wonderful user interface

One of the nice features of the program is the user interface, it was given great attention and made easy to use, in addition to the possibility of somewhat customizing it, also the interface supports displaying tools in night mode or in normal mode as desired by the user.

Trial version of the program

Movavi Video Suite is not free, however, you can use it for a trial period of 7 days only, during which you will be fully aware of its capabilities in dealing with media, and after the trial period, it will stop working until the purchase is completed.

The program's basic tools

As we mentioned, the program is a suite that contains a wide range of tools, and they are displayed in an organized manner in the interface and sorted according to their type, to make it easier for the user to access his favorite tools.

Sort tools into groups

Because of the large number of tools, it was necessary to sort them into groups, namely, video tools, audio tools, image tools, and data tools; each group has a special tab that makes browsing faster.

Adding tools to the favorites

The user can add some tools to the favorites list, which is a list that is displayed in a separate tab, and it can include the most used tools, to save time and speed up access to them.

Learn about various editing tools

Each tool in the program has a specific function, and more than one tool can be opened and deal with several media at the same time, and we will now explain some of the tools for editing media:

Video editing tools

  • Video montage:

    To perform a quick montage and merge videos, add music, effects, and texts, and modify the colors, transitions, and size of videos and images, with timeline support to order the appearance of the videos in the montage.
  • Video conversion:

    Convert videos to many different formats to suit different devices, customize the conversion process to choose the quality, bit rate, number of frames per second, and others.
  • Screen recording:

    Record the computer screen and make explanations, walkthroughs, and tutorials, with support for quick shortcuts to control the screen recording process, and customize the video and audio quality and camera view as you wish.
  • Video split:

    Divide any video into a group of small videos, by selecting several parts in the video, and each part will be saved as a separate file on the computer, with the ability to ignore some unimportant parts.
  • AI video quality upscaling:

    A great tool to raise the quality of the video using artificial intelligence, so that video details are not lost and the video can be upscaled 2x or 4x times as needed.

Audio editing tools

  • Audio Recording:

    Record audio from an audio device connected to a computer such as a microphone, start and stop recording manually, with a choice of how to name the recorded files when they are saved.
  • Play music:

    A great tool for playing audio files and even videos, select files or folders to import into the interface, and then switch between music files easily or play them in a special playlist.

Features of Movavi Video Suite

  • A comprehensive program for dealing with all kinds of media.
  • Provides everything an online content creator needs.
  • Nice and organized interface to display different editing tools.
  • Adding tools to favorites for easy access.
  • Editing videos and implementing montages with great capabilities.
  • Records the computer screen.
  • Converts video and audio file formats with many options.
  • Upscales the video quality through artificial intelligence techniques.

You can download the video-making program with a wide range of great tools for dealing with all kinds of media, Movavi Video Suite in its latest version from Downzen for free from the download section of the page.

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