Wintree Family Tree

Wintree Family Tree

Family tree software with great potential

D. J. Cooke

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Wintree Family Tree to add your entire family members and write their own data, and build relationships between family members to form basic bonds across multiple generations.

The good
Adds family members' data in an organized manner.
Ability to link family members.
Converts family tree to graphs in several shapes.
The bad
The user interface is old and needs improvement.
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Ibrahim Mohammed
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Family Tree Recording Program

Many people are interested in writing down their family tree or another famous family tree, and this makes it easier to get to know families and their members more, and to do this you can rely on the simple and wonderful Wintree program.

How the program works

The program helps to record many families, by adding their members and entering their data such as name, date of birth, etc., and then linking individuals to establish relationships such as marriage and children.

Installing the program on Windows

Wintree software is small in size and does not require much storage space, and it can be installed with simple steps on the computer, and it works on all versions of Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10/11.

A simple user interface

The program's interface is designed in the old style, a simple and easy-to-use method that includes text boxes and buttons, and focuses heavily on the process of entering and modifying data.

Family databases

The program can record data for several families at the same time, this gives the user plenty of options to record the family tree on a large scale, and keep the family history in a safe place for reference at any time.

Create a new family database

A new file is created for each family tree in the program so that the data for each family is saved in a separate file, and a database file can easily be transferred from one device to another and opened through the program.

Add and arrange family members

After creating a new family database, you will have to start entering all the family members, and then link them to create the branch families within the main family.

Entering family member data

Each family member has a special page to add a lot of data, and the user can only enter some data as needed, and the data includes name, surname, gender, date of birth, date of death, profession, and many more.

Creating interpersonal relationships

The next step is to link the relationships of individuals to each other, by creating several branch families. This is done by selecting family members and adding them to the husband, wife, and children section, recording the date of marriage, and clarifying divorce cases as well.

Print a family tree to preview

The entire family tree can be printed at any time, and this is done by sorting the family members in many different ways, and then printing them on sheets of paper.

Choose the family tree outline

The user can create an outline of the distribution of the family tree, there are many shapes of outlines that can be created, and the outlines can be experimented with to choose the right one for printing the family tree.

Print and save the family tree

The program supports the ability to print the family tree diagram via connected printers, or save the family tree diagram as an image or HTML file and several other formats.

Features of Wintree Family Tree

  • Features of Wintree Family Tree.
  • Small in size with a simple and easy-to-use interface.
  • Supports adding multiple families independently.
  • Adds family members with all their details.
  • Creates relationships between all family members to arrange generations.
  • Converting a family tree to a graph in several forms.
  • Prints your family tree directly or saves it to your computer.

You can download the family tree recording program with great capabilities, Wintree Family Tree in its latest version from Downzen for free from the download section of the page. 

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