Use PS4 DualShock4 controllers on PC


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DS4Windows is the best software to use a PlayStation 4 DualShock 4 controller with its amazing capabilities on PC for an enjoyable gaming experience.

The good
Almost error-free stability and accuracy.
Very easy to use interface.
Lots of settings.
Auto-recognition of control buttons (Auto-mapping).
Supports up to 4 controllers with maximum efficiency and stability.
Supports wired and Bluetooth connections.
The bad
It needs to install .NET Framework first.
Works on Windows only and does not work on Apple Mac or Linux.
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Ibrahim Mohammed
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A program to identify and operate a PS4 DS4 controller on Windows PC

Playing your favorite games on PC is fun, especially if these games are not available on the PlayStation 4, but the problem is connecting the controller of the PlayStation 4 to the computer. Even if its identification is available, it is not possible to take advantage of all its wonderful features, as it becomes like any normal, simple gaming controller, but there is this wonderful program called DS4Windows, which will make the PlayStation 4 controller work with its full capabilities and full settings as those found in the PlayStation.

Imagine playing with that efficiency, stability, and high technology that is invented by the technology giant Sony is an experience beyond dreams.

DS4Windows Features

There is no competing program for DS4Windows, either in terms of the driver of the controller or in terms of the many features it provides, and here we list some of these features in the form of points:

  • It downloads the driver for the controller when you first run the program, and it also downloads the driver for the Xbox controller.
  • It uses the Xbox driver to operate the Sony controller.
  • Auto-mapping buttons without having to reset the buttons every time (Downzenhas tested auto-mapping on more than 6 games and didn't need to change the button settings, not even once!). 
  • Can recognize up to four PlayStation 4 DualShock 4 controllers at once and with high efficiency.
  • Can handle the controller via Cableor Bluetoothwithout problems.
  • Supports changing the light emitted from the controller into any other color, and it can also turn off the color to save the DualShock 4 battery, especially when playing in Bluetooth mode.
  • Create a custom profile (a file for each controller) to use later with the ability to copy settings from one PC to another if DS4Windows is available on the other PC.
  • Can connect directly with most of the games available on the computer.
  • In addition to many great and advanced capabilities.

Some of the games that have been tested with the DualShock 4 controller on PC include:

  1. The amazing soccer game PES 2017 that millions love.
  2. The most popular horror games Resident Evil 6 and Resident Evil: Revelation, the zombies have been defeated efficiently, and this indicates that the controller can be used as a lethal weapon and should not fall into the hands of villains, otherwise it's the end of the world.
  3. Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 game, the Great Ninja War has been won, and this indicates that the DS controller is one of the most important ninja skills.
  4. WWE 2K17 wrestling game, once you try the DualShock controller you will easily defeat Brock Lesnar.
  5. And a group of KOF fighting games on the NeoGeo emulator.
  6. The Touchpad on the controller works as a very accurate mouse cursor so that you can play FPSshooting games with high efficiency.

The stability of the Sony PlayStation 4 controller, which is called DualShock 4 or DS4 for short, makes playing games on PC an unforgettable experience, especially since all the capabilities of the controller are at your disposal. Thanks to the developers of the DS4Windows 1.4.52 software team, Jays2Kings, for making it free.

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