Emulate Playstation console on your PC.


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ePSXe (enhanced PSX emulator) is a free PSX plugin-based emulator for the x86 architecture (Windows and Linux compatible) and Android devices. ePSXe will bring back your old PS1 games to life right in your PC.

The good
Plug-in based.
Support for multiple CD-ROM formats.
The bad
Some games require patches to work.
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Ayad Alqatrany
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The emulator is well-known among video games fans, where it runs most of the PS1 games with great accuracy, but there are few exceptions that require game patches to be used.

So, if you are a fan of PS1 games or you just feel nostalgic and want to remember the good old days, then ePSXe is definitely for you since ePSXe is one of the best Playstation emulators nowadays.

ePSXe runs games right from the PC's CD-ROM or through a game image in the hard-disk drive, many CD-ROM formats are supported such as .bin/.cue, .mdf/.mds and more.

The emulator comes with ready plug-ins for GPU, SPU, CD-ROM and Input, but can also use other plug-ins if needed.

If you would like to play Playsation 2 games on PC then try PCSX2 .

ePSXe is now available for Android .

Most important features of ePSXe

  • Run Playstation games on your computer with high quality.
  • The program supports many CD-ROM formats.
  • The program has supports for plug-ins.
  • The program UI is simple and easy to use with an attractive design.
  • ePSXe is a freeware.

So, what are you waiting? Download the latest version of ePSXe 2.0.5 right here in Downzen , just click the download button above for a direct and fast download link.

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