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PS2 Emulator PCSX2 is the best console game emulator that plays most of the great PS2 games whether from DVD or disc images such as ISO, NRG, IMG.

The good
Ability to play real and fake ISO discs.
Supports different screen resolutions and settings.
Supports Joypads.
Has memory to save your game progress or import game saves from other players.
The bad
There are glitches in the sound and image of some games.
Supports running PlayStation 1 games.
Requires medium to high-end PC specs.
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Ibrahim Mohammed
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PCSX2 to easily play PlayStation 2 games on PC

Have you missed PlayStation 2 games and wanted to bring back your childhood memories, but you no longer own the PlayStation 2 or its CDs are no longer available in the market? You must have missed playing Resident Evil 4 the horrific adventure in the dreadful village, or maybe you wanted to fight for your life in the most dangerous Mortal Kombat. How about protecting the planet and the universe in the Dragon Ball game, are you tired of your old car? because in Grand Theft Auto you can own any car for free.

Well, these are not just childhood memories, but rather a reality that you can bring back again with a free PlayStation game emulator and player.

PlayStation 2 games are available on the Internet in the form of virtual discs in ISO format, and playing these virtual discs is very easy with PCSX2 software.

PCSX2 Features

  • Run virtual ISO CDs directly from your device without the need to own physical discs, with the ability to run real CDs.
  • Supports memory cards used in real PlayStation devices, Memory Card to keep the achievements in the game, with unlimited saving points and the ability to import the memory card of other players.
  • Supports Cheat Codes.
  • Support Joypads.
  • Supports customizing screen resolution, so it is possible to choose the clarity and resolution to suit the size of the screen and the specs of the computer.
  • Plugin system to develop some important needs.
  • BIOS is scalable to be able torun most PS1 games.

An important note about the last feature, which is running PlayStation 1 games. After the Downzen team testing, we concluded that some PlayStation 1 games worked efficiently without the need to modify the PCSX2 BIOS, but some games did not work at all even after modifying the BIOS.

Download PS2 games emulator PCSX2 1.4.0 for free by clicking the download button on this page and enjoy nostalgic gaming.

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