Firmware tool for Chinese Android smartphones

Allwinner Technology Co., Ltd

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Firmware tool for Chinese Android smartphones
PhoenixSuit is developed by Allwinner, a Chinese chip manufacturer. These chips are used mainly on Chinese Android smartphones. The program is used to flash a new firmware to these types of devices in addition to other services.

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No alternatives found for this operating system!
No alternatives found for this operating system!
No alternatives found for this operating system!

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iTunes (32-bit)

iTunes (64-bit)

Lumia Software Recovery Tool

Nokia PC Suite



Wondershare Dr.Fone for Android
DescriptioniTunes alternativeDevice recovery and firmware upgrade toolFirmware tool for Chinese Android smartphonesFix iPhone boot problemsData recovery program for Android devices
The good
  • Nice and easy to use UI.
  • Ability to clean and speed-up the system.
  • Lossless image compression.
        • Free and easy to use.
        • Support many Nokia devices, including older Symbian devices.
          • Nice and simple UI.
          • Additional useful tools.
          • Awesome UI.
          • East to use.
          • Fix's boot problems without data loss.
          • Easy, clear and simple.
          • Professionally recovers deleted data and files.
          • Free.
          The bad
          • AppCola development seems to be discontinued, so no updates.
          • iTunes is considered a better and safer choice.
                • The tool deletes all data stored in the device, so make sure to backup important files.
                  • Can brick your phone if used incorrectly.
                  • Only certain problems are fixed for free, for some other problems you need to upgrade to the Pro mode.
                  • Does not work with some Android devices.
                  • Demo version and ask you to buy it in order to be able to recover data.
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                  Users rating4.
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