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Allwinner Technology Co., Ltd

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PhoenixSuit is developed by Allwinner, a Chinese chip manufacturer. These chips are used mainly on Chinese Android smartphones. The program is used to flash a new firmware to these types of devices in addition to other services.

The good
Nice and simple UI.
Additional useful tools.
The bad
Can break your phone if used incorrectly.
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Ammar Kurd
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One of the great things about owning an Android smartphone is the freedom to update or change the OS yourself, even flashing a modded version of the OS is possible. But with great power comes great responsibility, you have to be careful not to break your device.

This program enables you to flash a new image of the firmware to some of the Android devices, mainly Chinese smartphones, and tablets.

How to flash a new firmware using PhoenixSuit

Follow these simple steps to flash a new firmware

  1. First, download and install the latest version of the program.
  2. Get the image file for the new firmware.
  3. Start the program and connect your device to the PC with a USB cable.
  4. Turn on the device’s ADB, Settings>Developer Options>USB debugging ON.
  5. Go to the Firmware section on the program, choose the firmware file.
  6. Click the Upgrade button.
  7. The process will take some time then you will be informed if it were successful or not.

Other tools

PhoenixSuit comes packed with other tools such as Install APK apps (You can get them from our store Downzen), backup and restores apps, restart the device into recovery mode.

The user can get those additional tools from the APK section in the program.

PhoenixSuit features

  • Nice and simple user interface.
  • Easy firmware update process.
  • Ability to backup and restore apps.
  • Restart into recovery mode easily.


Only upgrade your firmware if you know what you are doing, using this program in the wrong way can break your device.

Download firmware upgrade tool PhoenixSuit

To get the latest version of PhoenixSuit with a direct and fast download link from Downzen click on the download button on this page.

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