Sony PlayStation 4 Firmware 9.00

Sony PlayStation 4 Firmware 9.00

PS4 9.0 firmware update (jailbreakable)


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PS4 9.0 firmware update (jailbreakable)
The firmware update for the Sony PlayStation 4 in its new version 9.0, which introduces many features and fixes related to the improvement and stability of the PlayStation 4, and this version enables players to play the newest games, and it is jailbreakable.

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Sony PlayStation 4 Firmware 5.05

Sony PlayStation 4 Firmware 6.72

Sony PlayStation 4 Firmware 9.00
DescriptionUse PS4 DualShock4 controllers on PC5.05 firmware for PlayStation 4PS4 6.72 update (jailbreakable)PS4 9.0 firmware update (jailbreakable)
The good
  • Almost error-free stability and accuracy.
  • Very easy to use interface.
  • Lots of settings.
  • Auto-recognition of control buttons (Auto-mapping).
  • Supports up to 4 controllers with maximum efficiency and stability.
  • Supports wired and Bluetooth connections.
    • Runs homebrew apps and games.
    • Improves system performance and stability.
    • Provides solutions to a number of problems reported by the community.
    • Version 9.00 is jailbreakable.
    • Great options for parental control of children.
    • More group admin options in chat.
    • Numerous improvements in speed and performance stability.
    The bad
    • It needs to install .NET Framework first.
    • Works on Windows only and does not work on Apple Mac or Linux.
      • Doesn't support running latest PS4 titles.
      • No online gaming.
      • No access to Playstation Network (PSN).
      • Will not be able to run games released after this update.
      • Games launched after this version cannot be played.
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      Users rating3.
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