Sony PlayStation 4 Firmware 6.72

Sony PlayStation 4 Firmware 6.72

PS4 6.72 update (jailbreakable)


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Sony PlayStation 4 update 6.72 is the latest jailbroken update. The update also brings many improvements to the performance and stability of the console. Download the Sony PlayStation 4 firmware 6.72 now by clicking on the download button on this page.

The good
Improves system performance and stability.
Provides solutions to a number of problems reported by the community.
The bad
Will not be able to run games released after this update.
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What's new in the 6.72 update?

According to the Sony press release, this update does not include any graphics enhancements, but it does include a number of improvements in overall system performance and stability, as well as solutions to a number of issues that players encounter while playing. The update is one of many updates for the PlayStation 4 console. It was released almost a year from today.

PS4 6.72 jailbreak

Sleirsgoevy recently released a jailbreak for the 6.72 update based on the kernel exploit by THeFlow according to Wololo. This update is the latest jailbroken update so far, the last update that had a jailbreak was the 5.05 update which was done by SpectreDev. This jailbreak will allow users to install games without requiring a CD. 

Update PlayStation 4 to firmware version 6.72

The easiest way to update your PS4 firmware to 6.72 is to use a USB drive. To do this, proceed as follows:

Step 1: Download the 6.72 firmware update

The update is just a single file. It has a size of approximately 443 MB. the file name of any update is PS4UPDATE.PUP regardless of the version number. Click the download button on this page to get the file with a direct link.

Step 2: Prepare the USB drive and copy the firmware file to it

  • Make sure the USB drive's file system is FAT32. If not, format the drive, then select FAT32 as the file system.
  • Create a new folder inside the drive and name it PS4.
  • Create a new folder called UPDATE in the PS4 folder.
  • Copy the update file PS4UPDATE.PUP directly into the UPDATE folder.

Step 3: Updating to version 6.72

  • Make sure that the Internet is completely disconnected from PS4.
  • Connect the USB drive to the PS4.
  • Open "Settings" and then go to "System Software Update".
  • The console will automatically detect the update and start the installation process.

Install the 6.72 PS4 update in safe mode

If you encounter problems installing the 6.72 firmware update, you can try the upgrade process in a different way by using Safe Mode and following the steps below

  • Turn off the PlayStation completely.
  • Press and hold the PlayStation button for 7 seconds.
  • PlayStation will run in safe mode and several options will be displayed.
  • Connect the USB drive.
  • Go to option 3 "System Software Update".
  • Then select "Update from USB Storage Device".

Download Sony PlayStation 4 Firmware 6.72

Get Sony PlayStation 4 Firmware 6.72 which is the latest update to be jailbroken, with a direct and fast download link via Downzen by clicking the download button on this page.

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