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Google Play Services

The essential Google Play Services for app updates.

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The essential Google Play Services for Android app updates contain some basic functionalities such as authentication, synchronization, improved location services, and your privacy settings.

The good
Reduces the need of updating the operating system continuously.
Allows the use of additional possibilities within applications.
Updates your applications without bothering you.
The bad
Not suitable for devices with low storage capacity.
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Google Play Services is very important, as it contains all the basic functionalities each Android user needs in order to update his applications. It also provides authentication within applications and contacts synchronization, plus the ability to access the user’s additional privacy settings and location-based services in a much more improved and less battery-consuming way. Google Play Services is working to improve your experience with Google Apps by speeding up the searching process in case there is no internet connection, as well as improving your gaming experience. Some applications may not work if this service is removed.

Google Play Services is pre-installed on new Android phones as it helps Google and third-party app developers by enabling them to update their apps automatically, not only that, it also updates the Android settings related to your email account. This app works in the background, it is a pack of services that help in improving the search speed, and give a good integration between maps and applications. If you disable Google Play Services, you will not be able to use some services within other apps.

Finding the version of Google Play Services on your device:

To find the version of Google Play Services on your device, follow these steps:

  1. Open “Device Settings”, then “Application Manager” and select “All”, then select “Google Play Services” from the list of applications.
  2. You will find the version number under the name of the application as follows: Google Play Services version 8.4.52 (031-398454774) The number 8.4.52 represents the application version, while the Italic number 031 represents the number of your Android device and the type of CPU used.

Google Play Services most important features:

  • Improvement of Android system by providing continuous updates for the services.
  • Improving the user experience within your apps by integrating useful functionalities.
  • Adds authentication possibilities within applications and games.
  • Improving your gaming experience.
  • Providing improved maps within apps.

Google Play Services disadvantages:

One of the flaws that may sometimes arise from the use of Google Play Services is that it updates your Android apps continuously, which could cause excessive use of your battery and storage space.

If we compare the advantages and disadvantages, we can say that Google Play Services is essential for mobile phones with an Android system. Without these services, the user can be exposed to many problems that will not boost his experience with the distinctive and interesting Android apps.

Lastly, you can download Google Play Services from our website Downzen by clicking the download button and enjoying the features of this essential app for your Android device.

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